What do players look for in an online casino?

Players looking for the best Casino software developers
25th May, 2021
Sergio Sierra

Promoting an online casino does not need to be a tedious task if you know exactly what players want.

Information is gold, especially in the online casino gambling industry, and of course, if you want to attract players as a casino affiliate, you will need it too. 

Knowing your customer (the player) will allow you to recognize which is the best strategy to follow for greater conversions. 

And of course, it can also lead to a better understanding of affiliate programs in general so that you know which one to choose without having to do hours and hours of research

Just take it easy, as this practice takes a lot of time to master. 

This in addition to the marketing material, statistics, and tips from the affiliate program itself will help you steadily boost your monthly income. 

Regularly, players look for two main things when searching for a casino to join, which are bonuses and games

If a casino does not offer a boost to their deposits, a player certainly won’t like to join it right away, unless it does have amazing games available. 

Of course, even if exclusive games are attractive, inexperienced players might be more attracted to a casino with more accessible games. 

So, in this case, a player comes to the casino looking for good bonuses or promotions to take advantage of and gets an additional reward as it can choose its preferred game to spend its money and time. 

Also, whenever a player gets comfortable at an online casino it starts learning about software developers, game providers, and all of that technical stuff. 

Even if at the beginning, mentioning that X casino offers Microgaming games does not mean anything for the player, for example. With time, this information will be the most valuable when looking for another casino to join. 

This can lead to players doing a quick google search for new Microgaming casinos, or a related topic with a brand or developers that had caught its attention. 

Think like a player

This is a common saying amongst salesmen, “if you want to sell, you need to think like the client”. And even if it sounds outdated, it still applies more than ever, especially in the online casinos and their affiliate programs. 

If you do not know where to start, just ask yourself this simple, yet effective question: If I were the one choosing X casino, why would I do it?

The answers might lead you to an excellent head start to promote the best casinos in the best possible way. 

After you have this question answered, just do a “trial and error” with your strategies, part of knowing the customer always leads to some experimentation.

Don’t worry if a campaign does not work at the beginning, just keep pushing forward until you find the right method for your audience of players. 

What to do when you know what the players want

Once you find out what are the interest and likes of your players, you must know what to do with that information. 

Our recommendation is, of course, to use it to your advantage. 

So, let us get back to the example of players that like Microgaming casinos and start searching on Google for new Microgaming casinos. 

Imagine that this is your scenario, you just find out that your traffic of players loves Microgaming casinos and are looking forward to joining, almost immediately, any online casino as long as it offers these games. 

The first thing you need to do is joining the affiliate programs which have Microgaming casinos as part of their brands so that you can then offer it to your players instead of losing some good profit. 

But wait, which are these “Microgaming affiliate programs” that we talk about?. 

Well, most of the “Microgaming casinos” affiliate programs you can find online use the NetRefer affiliate software so, you can use this as a guide to finding the best affiliate programs that suit your marketing strategies and target audience. 

Of course, these affiliate programs also rank amongst the most popular ones and often get recommended by almost every webmaster with some experience in the current gambling market. 

Here are 10 excellent examples of casino affiliate programs that use the Netrefer affiliate software

  1. Alea Affiliates: a great affiliate program with revenue share deals that go from 20% to 45%.
  2. 7Starts Partners: A multi-brand affiliate program with 8 online casinos available for promoting and revenue share deals that go as high as 60%.
  3. Kindred Affiliates: the official affiliate program of the casino brands 32Red Sports and Unibet Casino. It has revenue share deals of up to 35%.
  4. Mr. Affiliate: The affiliate program of the well-known casino brand Mr. Green. It offers revenue share deals of up to 45%.
  5. Earn Affiliates: This affiliate program has three amazing brands available called SuomiKasino, Mobilbet, and ComeOn Casino. It offers revenue share deals of up to 50%.
  6. Honest Partners: This is the affiliate program for the InstaCasino brand. It offers revenue share deals that go from 20% to 40%.
  7. Lapalingo Affiliates: an excellent affiliate program with an outstanding online casino brand available for promoting (Lapalingo Casino). Right now, their revenue share deals go as high as 40%.
  8. Casumo Affiliates: A very well-known affiliate program with an optimal casino brand that shares the same name (Casumo Casino). It offers revenue share deals that go from 25% to 45%.
  9. Betzest Affiliates: This affiliate program will let you promote the amazing casino brand Betzest Casino. Right now, their revenue share deals go up to 45%.
  10. Genesis Affiliates: Probably one of the biggest multi-brand affiliate programs on this list with over 10 online casinos available for promoting. It offers revenue share deals that start from 35%.


This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are still lots of excellent affiliate programs out there waiting for you to find them out. 

Just remember that the key is not just joining affiliate programs because they have good deals, or their website looks good. 

To become an affiliate master and making a living out of it takes time and patience, and of course, a lot of knowing what the players look for

Finally, your goal is to become the one that offers the answer to their questions and the solution to their problems.


25th May, 2021
Sergio Sierra