What sets the best slot games apart from the rest?

What sets slot games apart
25th Apr, 2024
Simon Colmenares Author Profile Photo Simon Colmenares

When it comes to online and crypto casinos, there are an almost endless number of games and slot machines to choose from. Very large gaming catalogues have become an expected part of any successful online casino.

Nearly every casino operator knows now that players want a large gaming catalogue; they want as much choice as possible. And if this isn’t part of an online casino's offerings, they know that they risk losing the players to other online casino sites where a large slot catalogue is part of the offering.

The downside however, is that with such a large gaming catalogue, there can sometimes be hundreds and hundreds of slot machines to choose from, and it can sometimes be hard to distinguish which slots are the best to play on and which aren’t.

However, there are characteristics that you will find present in each of the best-rated online slots and it’s those that we’re going to be looking at today. If you’re wondering, are the best slots sites in the USA easy to find? It couldn’t be easier.

Look for a decent RTP

The first figure we’re going to be looking at is called RTP or the return to player percentage. This is a percentage figure. It essentially represents the amount of money that whoever is playing the slot can expect to receive.

Typically, all of the top online slot machines in all of the top online casinos will offer an RTP of at least 96%, or even better if it’s more. What this figure means is that £1 would typically represent 100%, and so for each £1 that you bet and spend on the online slots, you would receive 96p back.

However, this isn’t the case for a single £1 bet but rather the minimum requirement overall for the slot machine. If you go for a machine with a lower percentage, you have less chance of getting any money, let alone winning.

Responsive gameplay

The next characteristic of a top slot game is its ability to be played on smartphones and tablets. Mobile casinos and online slot machines are big business and more people than ever before are playing on devices while they’re on the go.

Nearly all of the top online slots made by all of the major developers, such as NetEnt and Microgaming, ensure that every single existing and new online slot they release is responsive so that it can be played on mobile.

They know that if they don’t offer responsive mobile slot machines, they are excluding a huge part of the market and obstructing access to their slot machines.

Demo mode

You will also want and expect the top online slots to offer a demo mode to you. Sometimes you want to dip your toes in the water before you go swimming. And metaphorically speaking, this is what demo modes allow you to do.

A top online slot will be expected to provide players with the ability to play for free. This is beneficial for both the casino operator and the player. It means you can start to familiarise yourself with the different symbols and features that the slot machine has to offer you.

Bonuses and promotions

A lot of the more modern online slot machines will have plenty of extra features that you can experience in order to amplify your winnings.

Nearly every popular slot machine will have at least one of these features, with some of the bigger ones having multiple features. This is attractive to players as it provides them with more chances to win and overall provides a much more enjoyable gambling and betting experience at an online casino.

Free spins

Free spins are also a big feature of the top online slot machines. They are one of the most prized and common features of a great slot machine. As the name indicates, free spins are where you are allowed a spin of the reels without any expense.

Sometimes, as part of a promotion, online casinos will provide you with free spins in order to advertise a brand new slot game. Or sometimes, if you land three of a certain type of symbol, you may then receive free spins.

This is a huge motivation and incentive for players to keep playing online slots and so it’s very rare that you’ll see one of the bigger online slot machines not offering you a free spins feature.

In Summary

Today we have highlighted all of the key features that you’re guaranteed to find in a top slot machine. Hopefully, this will help you in your search for some of the top online slots.

We appreciate that with the large number of online slot machines out there, it can sometimes be difficult to choose which slot to play and so with this list, you can then shortlist which of the online slot machines are going to provide you with the best online gaming experience.

25th Apr, 2024
Simon Colmenares