WordPress is the most popular CMS for casino affiliates

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1st Jul, 2020
Sergio Sierra

Did you know that the most popular CMS for casino affiliates is WordPress? WordPress is the number 1 CMS in the world and it is hard to find a site that isn't using it these days. Of the casino affiliates sites you can find using WordPress, they will fall into 1 of 3 categories in terms of design:

  1. free WordPress template/theme
  2. paid WordPress template/theme
  3. custom WordPress template/theme

WordPress is a free CMS and there are thousands of free templates to use, you can find these at wordpress.org/themes. Some sites call a template a theme but they more or less mean the same thing. There are companies that make custom templates that you can pay to use. This means of course the design isn't original but it is usually better than using a free template. Then you have sites like CasinoTop.com that have their own custom template. 

CMS stands for Content Management System, and even if there are several CMS out there, at least 35% of all websites on the internet use WordPress as their base CMS. WordPress used to be a blogging platform, but it managed to adapt to the online world in a way that makes it become an extremely versatile tool, not only for online casino affiliates but also for every kind of website as this software gave everyone the access to a powerful tool that allows them to create fully-functional sites of any category. 

One of the most amazing facts about WordPress is that it is open-source software, which means that it’s completely free, and offers unlimited validity. Several features make WordPress the first option for making any website; these features include: focus on user experience, wide catalog of themes and plugins, built-in SEO boost, Mobile-friendly design (optimized for mobile users), faster loading times, integration between the website and your social media, easy to customize (even if you are not a developer), superior security, and the best part, WordPress is completely free!

Let’s talk about these features that make WordPress one of the best CMS out there. First, we mentioned that they focus on the user experience, this means that thanks to its many plugins, themes, and tools, everyone can make a website that looks like it was designed by a professional, making it also be user-friendly, and very attractive, in other words, when someone visits a WordPress powered website, they will surely enjoy the experience, making them stay longer at the website and also interact with the “product” that you are offering.

We also mentioned that this software has built-in SEO boosters, for those who are not familiar with the term SEO, it means Search Engine Optimization, and, in a few words, it’s a series of strategies and tools that would make a website appear at the top of any web browser (like Google Chrome). Also, WordPress lets you create customized social media buttons for your website, making it easier for readers or clients to share your content.

Additionally, WordPress includes many crucial elements for any website like a precise HTML markup (which helps search engines understand the website’s layout and content format), a content creation optimization (this also helps with the interactions between user and content), the possibility to create attractive permalinks (or permanent links), and a built-in editor that allows the user to optimize images with tags, descriptions, captions, and simple edition. 

Having faster loading times is always a must on every kind of website, just imagine having to wait 5 minutes to access someone’s website. It doesn’t matter how good the product or the company behind it, you will probably get tired of waiting and you will look for the service somewhere else; now, imagine if this happens with a casino or your website where you talk about casino reviews and news. Of course, WordPress has amazing plugins that will help you have the fastest website out there.

Also, mobile optimization is really important, especially nowadays. Every year, there are more and more users that actively visit websites through their phones or tablets, and many sites (that aren’t optimized) don’t consider the different screen ratios or the fast-paced loading times; if your site is not optimized for those devices, you will probably lose visitors, interactions and possible clients. One of the greatest advantages that WordPress offers over other CMS is that its mobile optimization is already included in most of its themes, meaning that your website will be packed with mobile features right from the get-go.

Finally, WordPress has its team of people that are dedicated to making the platform safe for any malicious attack, hacking, and viruses. You should rest assured that your website’s information is safe for every malicious intent that could happen on the internet. And, of course, remember that you will get all of these features for free since WordPress does not charge its users for using their software; however, if you want their most powerful features (like premium themes and plug-ins), you will only need to invest small amounts of money (compared to other non-free CMS).

Keep in mind that although WordPress has many features to protect against attacks, some plugins help with your security but other plugins make your websites more susceptible to attacks. You must be proactive in protecting your websites from hackers. 

As we mentioned before, WordPress is being used for around 35% of the internet’s websites, this, of course, includes (but is not limited to) casino affiliates, and it is not a surprise since this software offers so many features for free. 

Also, numerous plug-ins could help you detect if a website uses WordPress or any other CMS, we recommend you this Google Chrome plug-in called Wappalyzer:


Or you can visit their website direct for more of their tools: https://www.wappalyzer.com/

1st Jul, 2020
Sergio Sierra