7 Affiliate Marketing Magazines To Read + 1 more for 2021

7 affiliate marketing magazines
12th Mar, 2019
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The world of affiliate marketing is huge. Just how big is it? According to Statistica, affiliate marketing spending in the United States in 2020 will be $6.8 billion and will jump to $8.2 billion in 2020. A recent report by AWIN shows affiliate marketing spends to be over $16 billion per year and that was from their 2017 report.

So how do you get started in affiliate marketing? There are thousands of websites dedicated to affiliate marketing similar to this one.

There are numerous communities on Facebook and other social media channels and hundreds of forums. Surprisingly enough, there are only a handful of magazines that are either focused on affiliate marketing or on business with some discussion of affiliate marketing.

Also, many of the current affiliate marketing magazines in publication are in the igaming space, or online gambling for those outside of that industry. There are a few adult-focused ones, but we won’t be covering them here as some contain content that is Not Safe For Work, as in NSFW.

On top of that, there are many websites on affiliate marketing that call themselves magazines, but they really are not much more than a website. This list shows magazines that are produced as digital magazines, in print or both.

1. Commission Magazine

Commission Magazine

Commission Magazine is made by the same people from StatsDrone.

Updated Review for 2021 - This magazine covers a wide range of topics within affiliate marketing, but also business and entrepreneurship. As of now, Commission Magazine is going to have it's content merged with AffiliateDir, and it's going to work like a digital Magazine

Issue 1 was launched in February 2019 and features many articles on search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization and articles from affiliates and affiliate managers.


2. FeedFront Magazine

FeedFront Magazine Screenshot

Updated Review for 2021 - You can consider this magazine now only for affiliate marketers that are early adopters in technology, so if you want to get on top of the future we recommend you to keep an eye on this magazine.

FeedFront has been publishing their affiliate magazine since 2008! Their magazine is produced quarterly and is distributed at their global affiliate marketing conferences, which you may have heard of before, Affiliate Summit.

These events are often held in New York City and Las Vegas, and they have been branching out in Europe as well as Asia. What you’ll find in FeedFront are a lot of affiliates, affiliate managers and marketing industry people that contribute to the publication.

The magazine of course is available in digital format to get on their website.


3. iGB Affiliate Magazine

IGB Affiliate Magazine

Updated Review for 2021 - We can have this top notch magazine every 2 months, we strongly recommend it if you are looking for updated information about the iGaming Business and everything related to it.

Their most well known conference is the London Affiliate Conference which is the biggest iGaming affiliate conference that easily brings in 5000 delegates every year with attendees from all over the world.

The print copy is free where you just have to register to get a copy in the mail, or you can pick up their latest magazine at any of their affiliate conferences.


4. GPWA Times

GPWA Times Screenshot

Update Review for 2021 - As always we can enjoy this magazine 3 times per year, so if you are not in rush you will enjoy this magazine that gathers the most important information and news of the affiliate market, however, if you are looking for more up-to-date information you can check the GPWA blog.

GPWA is the largest gambling affiliate marketing community and their magazine was first produced in 2007.

Their magazine is available for free in both print and in digital formats, and they produce around 3 issues per year.


5. SiGMA Magazine

SIGMA Magazine screenshot

Update Review for 2021 - This magazine is launched only 3 times per year, so you can expect the best of the best about the online and land-based gaming industry. The magazine has high-end details and catchy information that you would like to save for future references, and you'll also now find info about newer events such as SiGMA LATAM.

SiGMA Magazine isn’t exactly a 100% focused affiliate marketing magazine, but no doubt there are many articles covered that relate to affiliate programs.

SiGMA does of course run their yearly iGaming conference, held in Malta every fall. Malta of course is more or less the iGaming capital of the world and the conference has quickly become one of the must-attend events.


6. Website Magazine

Website Magazine

Updated Review for 2021 - The magazine looks for like a conventional news website rather than a magazine itself, however, it offers you updated information about affiliate marketing, new technologies, SEO, and many more interesting topics.

Website Magazine is one of those rare magazines that covers a lot of topics within affiliate marketing.

By that, I mean it isn’t really focused on any specific niche in affiliate marketing, much like the other magazines that are more focused on either online gambling or adult.


7. Pages SEO Magazine

Pages SEO Magazine

Updated Review for 2021 - Pages SEO Magazine is a great tool for the iGaming community and for all those entrepreneurs or professionals that like to keep up with the current technologies regarding the SEO, marketing, and everything about the digital world.

You could consider Pages to be a niche magazine in affiliate marketing in that using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as your means of generating traffic and earning affiliate commissions.

Not everyone that works in affiliate marketing does search engine marketing (SEM) but for the majority that do, this magazine is a worthy one to read.

Also, anyone new to affiliate marketing really should have a good grasp of what is happening in the world of SEO.

Pages is available in print and digital and is free for print for the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, otherwise shipping and handling applies for outside these 3 countries.


8. SBC Leaders Magazine

SBC Leaders Magazine

This is a new magazine that was launched in 2020, and it already has 16 editions, and it is constantly improving, so it has nothing to envy to the previous magazines. The magazine focuses on many topics of interest such as affiliate marketing, sports betting, global markets, exclusive stories and many more contents.

SBC Leaders Magazine also offers you lots of important news for upcoming online and land-based events, interviews, contests and more interesting information that you should not miss.


12th Mar, 2019
John Wright