Zuga from LatestBingoBonuses talks Online Bingo

21st Aug, 2018
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Zuga from LatestBingoBonuses.com gives his insight into the online bingo industry that is quietly growing into a billion dollar per year industry

How did you get into bingo?

It was part of our expansion to the new markets for LatestBingoBonuses.com At first we had only one page dedicated to online bingo at our main website LatestCasinoBonuses. Being that the online bingo is a growing market we have decided to make a sister website dedicated to bingo.

It was part of our business strategy and definitely a right move. We firmly believe we can push the limits and set the higher standards when it comes to bingo affiliate marketing, just like we did for the casino side. We have launched in April last year and hope to be here for many years to come.

Do you play online bingo yourself?

I can't say I do. I did try the game but I find it too slow for my taste. I prefer some faster-paced games like blackjack or poker. I have to admit that I had a prejudice about bingo as I thought only elderly people play this game. But the most recent stats are proving me wrong.

What's really interesting is that many online bingo rooms offer side games. So basically you can buy your bingo tickets and then play the slots or VP while waiting to hit the bingo. So I may give it another shot soon.

Give us your insights into mobile bingo, will this be a big market?

It definitely has the potential, but only time will tell if it's gonna be big or not. However, I do know that online bingo will get bigger as pretty much everything has been done with online casino/sport betting/poker, and people are looking into new things. That's why I think online bingo can be as huge and successful as those other gambling markets.

Are facebook and twitter important marketing tools for bingo affiliates?

Social networking is a huge market. That's why having your own bingo facebook or twitter page can be only beneficial and get you some quality traffic. It is definitely not the most important tool for bingo or any other affiliates, but it can't hurt you to start your own pages. As far as Latest Bingo Bonuses we do get some traffic this way but it is not anything significant as of yet. But we got to follow the trends ;)

What are the differences between bingo players and casino players?

I don't think there is much difference between bingo and casino players. In essence its all gambling whether you play slots, poker or bingo. The only difference is in the type of games you love, but the fact is you play with your money and enjoy the thrill of the game you prefer.

Latestcasinobonuses.com just got a new design, is LBB getting one too?

That is next on our to-do list. We are most likely to start working on the new bingo design in the next several days. I hope we will have it up by the London conference in January.

How much do you think bingo players are worth?

I don't have the precise stats but it is significantly less to a casino, poker or sports betting. It's not due to lack of the good bingo rooms, but more because of the prejudices players might have about online bingo being reserved only for elderly people and women.

But things are slowly changing, especially in the bingo demographics, and that's why bingo has such potential. At the moment its definitely worth billions of dollars a year if not more. Just last year in the UK was sold more than GBP600 million worth bingo tickets.

Is it too late for non-bingo affiliates to get into the online bingo markets?

It's never late to get involved. In comparison to other gambling markets there are not that many good bingo affiliate websites out there and with the bingo market growing there is definitely room for more.

Describe the future of online bingo

It's bright for sure. I can't predict it will be massive as online poker/sports or casino. But who knows maybe it will be even bigger! It is growing after all and players are looking into new things.

Advice for new bingo affiliates?

Stay out of our way! hehe, Jokes aside, to all new bingo affiliates here is one piece of advice: don't be a banner farm website!

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright