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21st Aug, 2018
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright
If you are reading this article, the chances are that you are new into the gambling industry or you are looking for help, because you do not get the desired results.

This is where affiliate coaching one on one comes in handy and will help you achieve everything you have dreamed for and more.

All you have to do is listen carefully, work hard on what you have been told, and the results will come.

It’s been exactly one year since I have met John and he started coaching me.

Instead of trying to convince you what a great guy he is, and what an extraordinary knowledge he has on affiliate marketing and the gambling industry, I will simply share my progress, results and upcoming goals with you.

I can guarantee that when you are done reading, you will be dying to get in touch with him.

Without knowing you, dear reader, I can tell you right now that you feel lost, you feel desperate and the thought of giving up, has crossed your mind not once or twice.

How do I know this? Because this used to be me.

I felt that I was not getting the results I deserve, although I was putting 8-12 hours of work a day but seeing zero results.

There’s nothing more demotivating, than spending a large number of hours working and seeing no accomplishments, day after day, week after week, month after month.

A year later, all of the doubts are gone, the results are already present and I start my day with a big smile and motivation to work.

One of the first things I have learned from John is that we are not inventing anything new here.

We are simply applying an old method that has been using for decades, day after day, post after post and that the results are coming if you are willing to wait for them and put the required amount of work meanwhile.

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This made me stop worrying about whether or not I will ever see results.

Work became a pleasure, and writing became fun.

The second thing I picked up is the importance of how well you are going to write a page or a post and how that relates to conversion.

John has taught me many tips and tricks which I have used for many months now.

Some of them are: starting the page or post with a sentence in bold font; highlighting important keywords so your readers can scan the article fast enough.

These are just a few of the ones I can remember, but I know they work for sure, because I have a success story that I will share and you will find it inspirational and will love it.

Around November 2011, I was checking out my Google Analytics statistic and I saw a great keyword leading to one of my pages, but no conversion occurred on the next day.

Upon checking what’s exactly on that page, I was terrified to see that it did not have any call to action words, variations of affiliate links or even a banner. All it had was one link pointing to the brand with anchor text “click here”!

For some reason I had written it, a year and a half ago, and never put anything that would convert, but just that one link.

After spending no more than 15 minutes rewriting the post, using tips I have shared above, the results came on the very next day!

Two new sign-ups with two new depositors.

Since November until now, I have gathered over 40 very active depositors just from that single post.

Imagine if you have such a post on your website right now that you do not even know about.

What about two or three or even more?

You might be missing a tons of players and money at this very moment.

Another thing I have learned is the importance of being able to track your own links, without relying on the affiliate program statistics.

This will help you spot any problems either with the conversion ratio or with the tracking system of any affiliate program.

Trust is a big issue in the affiliate gambling industry.

You don’t want to be skeptical but you don’t want to be naive either.

John has always stressed to me, that having my own stats will guarantee me 100% accurate analyzing, when it comes to that.

Now when I look over the statistics at night, I can almost predict which click would have converted, as I am able to see the landing page, the keywords used to find my website, the country the click came from, the time spent on the site and much more.

These are just a few of the things you will learn how to do when you sign up for affiliate coaching with gaffg.

If you are looking for the shortcut to progress in this industry, this is it.

Sure there are many great sources of information out there, forum communities, but while you will see people identify your problems, rarely anyone would give you a specific answer on how to solve them.

Often different people will tell you different solutions, which will only confuse you and will barely help you at all. As a result you will be sitting on the same place, twice as confused and lost.

Imagine a student in a college lecture in a class of 600 people and a student in a private lesson one on one, with a professor. Who do you think will learn more?

Of course the one in the private session.

Why? Because he gets all of the attention he needs.

Everything that he has not understood will be explained over and over until he gets it.

This very much applies to affiliate coaching.

You will get attention you need like nowhere else, but you have to be willing to do the work as well.

A paragraph ago I referred to this learning method as the shortcut to progress.

Why? Because I believe I have saved myself years of trial and error.

Experimenting in this industry is inevitable, but it’s much easier done under the guidance of someone who has done it before you, and knows what works and what doesn’t.

You really don’t want to have spent two months of testing a new set of keywords, before you find out they were good for nothing.

Now if you are already convinced that you want to give it a shot, as you can only gain from being coached, you are probably wondering what this is going to cost you?

And the answer is absolutely nothing, and no there’s no catch.

You would only need to sign up as a sub affiliate. This way, the only time your tutor gets paid is when you get paid.

Notice that you do not lose anything from your earnings, and your tutor’s percentage comes directly from the affiliate program.

Therefore, everyone is happy and this is a win win situation.

So are you tired of the same old day after day, struggling without seeing any results?

Do you want a year from now to enjoy your work and finally be making money?

If so contact John today and start making a progress.

I know I did and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for gaffg.


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21st Aug, 2018
John Wright