Affiliates profit on March Madness NCAA basketball

21st Aug, 2018
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The March Madness 2011 NCAA basketball tournament is about to begin and this is the best time for gambling affiliates to profit. Your players might be following the tournament and see how you can convert your traffic into betting players.

Sports betting in North America seems to be defined by a few sporting events, just how big is the NCAA March Madness tournament and how does it compare with other major sporting events?

Next to the Super Bowl, March Madness is the next biggest event for US BetOnline players to wager on.

With its unique format, the NCAA Basketball Tournament, aka March Madness, is a natural fit to sports bettors.

With so many games happening simultaneously, bettors always stay busy. It doesn’t hurt that for whatever reason, March Madness is notorious one exciting game after the other.

Are more females betting on events like this?

The audience that plays at BetOnline on March Madness is predominantly male; similar to just about every sport on which we provide odds for.

However, there is a trend that more females bet on it than before.

This probably has to do with the fact that a lot of these women have close ties to some of the schools in the tournament.

Again, this like all other sports is dominated by male bettors but we do notice more women signing up this time of year.

Are more gamblers signing up this year compared to last year?

We still have just about over a week to go so it’s still a bit early.

However, every year more and more bettors gain access to the internet, so naturally the numbers of people betting on the internet will naturally increase as well.

I also expect increased betting thanks to BetOnline’s mobile betting product.

Betting on March Madness from your mobile phone is a natural fit.

With the constant action, especially over the first weekend, bettors will never miss a chance to make their plays.

Out on a business lunch… in a mind-numbing business meeting… at the bar watching the countless games… thanks to mobile wagering, the players will never miss the opportunity to place their bets.

What are some ways that either casino or poker affiliates can take advantage of March Madness. Do any of these cross promotions have good conversions?

All gamblers, regardless of their game of choice are familiar with March Madness so there are always good opportunities for poker and casino affiliates to cash-in.

For instance, a good poker affiliate will find a perfect fit by offering a freeroll and March Madness Bracket tournament.

Meanwhile a casino affiliate might push the term March Madness throughout all casino promotions during the month of March and possibly use this as an opportunity to introduce the casino gambler to sports betting.

So many people that might not be March Madness bettors or sports bettors for that matter are already familiar with the tournament from filling out office brackets.

So the familiarity is already there which makes converting them into sports bettors, at least for March Madness, that much easier.

After March Madness what are the next big sporting events that BetOnline will be preparing for?

After March Madness, much of the attention will turn to the start of the MLB season, the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs and the Triple Crown.


BetOnline is always looking at ways to expand the product.

As far as NHL is concerned, three way betting odds, similar to soccer betting, were added last month and early indicators are that the players love them.

March Madness Promotions at BetOnline Sportsbook

March Madness is also a great time for players to sign-up for generous offers and promos and BetOnline has that covered every which way.

BetOnline’s bracket contest, otherwise known as the March Madness Perfect Package promotion will be available to all active BetOnline players.

A trip to the Final Four, a $5,000.00 guaranteed prize pool and $1,000.00 if players go 4 for 4 on their Final Four picks will all be up for grabs.

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21st Aug, 2018
John Wright