The best affiliate programs with online casinos that accept the Pay by Phone payment method

Affiliate Programs that accept pay by phone
9th Apr, 2024
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Digital gambling websites are easily one of the biggest business trends in the 2020s. You can see new online casinos popping up nearly every day because agile investors recognize them as a fairly decent opportunity to earn money in the long run. But this industry has a major side effect: You can join an affiliate program to earn money simply by doing your usual content publishing work.

Think about it for a moment and you will realize that being an online casino affiliate is a superior chance to build an ancillary business. As a matter of fact, reports reveal that this type of marketing is the biggest revenue stream for more than 30% of publishers. In this blog article, we want to concentrate on affiliate programs with gambling sites accepting Pay by Phone.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Affiliate Program

Though profitable, affiliate marketing is not the kind of project you should enter without thorough preparation. There are some very critical factors to consider when selecting the right program for your engagement.

Commission Structure

This is the backbone of any affiliate program as it helps you understand how you'll be compensated. Simply put, the commission structure enables you to evaluate a given program’s potential profitability. Our advice is to look for programs that offer transparent commission rates based on revenue share or CPA (cost per acquisition).


Though most campaigns run smoothly, it’s possible to bump into different obstacles from time to time. That’s why you ought to find an online casino with effective user support – this gives you the extra ability to quickly optimize campaigns so as to maximize profitability.

Brand Reputation

Tip number three goes without saying, but our job is to remind you to pay attention to the reputation of a given online casino brand. Our recommendation is to avoid websites that often face complaints related to unfair gaming practices and slow payouts.

Payment Methods

The flexibility of payment methods is a crucial factor to consider, particularly for affiliates targeting Pay by Phone casinos. Generally speaking, it’s best to pick a program that offers a broad portfolio of payment methods. However, your specific goal here is to target programs at casinos that accept Pay by Phone as one of their payment options. Gamblizard created an entire list of the best UK online casinos where gamblers can play online with Pay by Phone deposits, so this might as well be a good starting point for potential affiliate partners.

What’s the benefit of this payment method? For one, we are talking about the highest level of convenience in terms of digital payments. Secondly, smartphone-based transfers are super-secure. Thirdly, the benefit is that phone payments simply match the current preferences of virtual gamblers – the number of smartphone owners is growing bigger by the day, so it’s natural to use a payment model that suits billions of potential clients.

Overview of Selected Affiliate Programs

We breezed through some of the major features as well as qualities, but what are the finest affiliate programs out there? This section will highlight some of our favorite options along with detailed insights into each.

1. MrQ Partners

MrQ Partners has been around for over 5 years (as of 2018) and it has been growing ever since. According to the official website, they grew by 300% in 2021 alone. The network operates bingo sites and online casinos with dozens of different games.

The commission structure is quite generous as you will earn at least 25% per referral – and that’s just the starting point. These rates can go as high as 45% based on the success of your affiliate efforts. Though it doesn’t work with the best online casino MB, MrQ Partners is definitely one of the finest online casino affiliate programs in the UK.

2. MyPartners360

MyPartners360 possesses multiple licenses to provide gambling-related activities internationally. This includes the UK Gambling Commission as well as a couple more regulatory licenses. It also has a strong portfolio of brands such as MagnumBet and Mad Slots.

As for commissions, MyPartners360 is quite nice. Though you will need to negotiate the deal individually, it’s worth knowing that the best publishers get up to 55% worth of commissions. You are also free to pick the system that works best for you – revenue sharing, CPA, or hybrid.

3. Excel Affiliates

Excel Affiliates is one of the best casino affiliate programs in terms of its marketing toolbox. It consists of multiple tools such as landing pages as well as gifs and Flash banners. It also doesn’t hide the money from affiliates – you can expect to get a commission rate between 30% and 50%.

4. Jumpman Affiliates

We love Jumpman Affiliates for its absolute transparency – the platform doesn’t hide anything from prospective affiliates. You can learn all about its tiered revenue commission structure and all other details in a few clicks. Speaking of commissions, these can go up to 50% if you can generate more than 50 new depositing players per month.

5. Maxi Affiliates

Affiliate marketers who wish to collaborate with strong brands ought to consider Maxi Affiliates. This network hosts dozens of reputable brands while pairing it all with solid commissions ranging between 25% and 50%.

Comparing the Affiliate Programs

Now let’s see a quick wrap-up of the biggest qualities of each of these affiliate platforms.


MrQ Partners


Excel Affiliates

Jumpman Affiliates

Maxi Affiliates


High average commission rate

No negative carryover

Great marketing tools

Maximal transparency

Excellent brand portfolio


The affiliate marketing system for online casinos with Pay by Phone solutions is massive, so it naturally requires a fair share of research. We tried our best to give you some valuable ideas, but now it’s up to you to make the most of them. Do you think you can handle it?


Jamie Wall is an expert in casino mechanics who works at Gamblizard. Jamie joined the company after several years of work in some of the industry’s finest gaming providers. This earned him a great reputation among business professionals, so Jamie frequently shares his knowledge through his blog posts.

9th Apr, 2024
Simon Colmenares