Gaffg Awards 2017 Winners

gaffg awards 2017 winners
21st Aug, 2018
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Congratulations to the winners of the Gaffg Awards 2017!

The Gaffg Awards 2017 has concluded and we celebrate the winners for our 3 categories of awards:

  • Trusted Affiliate Manager
  • Trusted Affiliate Programs
  • Charity Recognition Award

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The Gaffg trusted affiliates were eligible to vote for up to 5 affiliate managers and 5 affiliate programs they trust the most. The Charity Recognition Award is given to gaming companies that go above and beyond for contributing towards a charity in any capacity whether by donating time, money or resources to a cause of their choice. This is the 7th year of the Gaffg Awards and we welcome some new winners of this year's awards as well as some previous winners.

Trusted Affiliate Manager 2017 Winners

gaffg awards 2017 trusted affiliate manager

The Trusted Affiliate Manager award was created to recognize not just the best affiliate managers in the industry but ones affiliates trust the most. Affiliate managers have to work hard to earn the trust of their webmasters and this requires dedication to their work and being an excellent communicator. These affiliate managers will go the extra distance to help their affiliates which affiliates do appreciate. With hundreds of affiliate programs available and even more affiliate managers to choose from, only 5 awards are given out.

Presenting the 2017 winners for Trusted Affiliate Manager

Martyn Beacon - Legend Affiliates

Affiliate Program: Legend Affiliates

Martyn Beacon is the only affiliate manager to win every single Gaffg Award for Trusted Affiliate Manager which is his 7th consecutive award. Martyn has also won numerous iGB Awards for best casino affiliate manager. Martyn has a wealth of experience in the igaming industry and he’s also one of the hardest working managers around. Martyn has a lot of integrity and you can trust that he will only work for reputable companies and it goes both ways in that Martyn’s reputation immediately influences the reputation of the affiliate program he works for.

Rachel Morgan - Trada Affiliates

Affiliate Program: Trada Affiliates

Rachel is a first time winner and has been the affiliate manager for Trada Affiliates for years which was formerly known as AffVantage. Rachel has earned the trust of affiliates over the years in helping to grow the Trada Casino brand with affiliates. She is always looking for ways to improve the affiliate program and takes the time to talk to affiliates to find out their needs to do their job.

Karolina Filip - bgo buddies

Affiliate Program: bgo Buddies

Karolina is a first time winner of the Gaffg Awards and adds to her award collection by also winning Affiliate Manager of the Year at the Women in Gaming Awards 2017. Karolina is a hard working affiliate manager that takes her job seriously and is always looking for ways to improve her knowledge and experience in order to help her affiliates. She is proactive in trying to find ways to improve her affiliate program while getting feedback from affiliates to make her program better.

Alistair Sparrow - Branders.Partners

Affiliate Program: Branders.Partners

Alistair has been representing the Branders.Partners group for a few years which includes 21 Affiliates and Fruity Affiliates. He is quick to respond to affiliates and handles many roles within their affiliate and marketing department. He has been a key person at the company in growing the program and has always made time to help and support his affiliates and share his comprehensive igaming knowledge to his colleagues.

Miles Saacks - VideoSlots Affiliates

Affiliate Program: VideoSlots Affiliates

Miles is a 2 time winner of the Gaffg Awards for Trusted Affiliate Manager having previously won his first in 2013. Miles is an excellent communicator and brings with him plenty of experience in the igaming industry. He always takes the time to work with and help affiliates no matter how big or small they are.

Trusted Affiliate Program 2017 Winners

gaffg awards 2017 trusted affiliate manager

The Trusted Affiliate Program award is given out to only 5 affiliate programs which are voted by the Gaffg Trusted Affiliates. The award was created to let affiliates share the affiliate program they like and trust the most. Just like the Trusted Affiliate Manager award, trust has to be earned by affiliates and this comes from everything to timely payments, fast and helpful customer service and experienced affiliate managers.

Presenting the 2017 winners for Trusted Affiliate Program

Legend Affiliates

Affiliate Program: Legend Affiliates

Legend Affiliates is a new casino affiliate program and already starting to collect awards. Of course it helps that the program features legendary affiliate manager Martyn Beacon whom has won 7 Gaffg Awards for Trusted Affiliate Manager. Martyn brings instant credibility to any affiliate program he works with and having him as their affiliate manager already says a lot about the affiliate program.

Trada Affiliates

Affiliate Program: Trada Affiliates

Trada Affiliates is a first time winner of the Gaffg Awards for Trusted Affiliate Program and it goes with their affiliate manager Rachel Morgan winning her first Gaffg award too for Trusted Affiliate Manager. The casino has been given Best Customer Service Award in 2016 by CasinoMeister and was also featured as one of the highest converting programs by ThePOGG.


Affiliate Program: Branders.Partners

Branders.Partners encompasses a few affiliate programs that includes Fruity Affiliates which has won a Gaffg award for Trusted Affiliate Program. This year the program celebrates an award along with their affiliate manager Alistair Sparrow whom is a first time winner.

CasinoLuck Affiliates

Affiliate Program: CasinoLuck Affiliates

CasinoLuck Affiliates is a 3 time winner of the Trusted Affiliate Program awards having won in 2014 and 2015. The program might not have the biggest brands in the industry but the affiliates that do work with CasinoLuck are happy with the results and help that affiliates get.

VideoSlots Affiliates

Affiliate Program: VideoSlots Affiliates

VideoSlots Affiliates is a well established and well known program for VideoSlots casino. The affiliate program has collected it’s first Gaffg Award for Trusted Affiliate Program and follows with their affiliate manager Miles Saacks picking up an award for Trusted Affiliate Manager.

Charity Recognition Award 2017 Winners

gaffg awards 2017 trusted affiliate manager

There has been no shortage of charity work and contributions from igaming companies over the years. At Gaffg we believe in philanthropy and we created the Charity Recognition Award to applaud those programs, companies and individuals that go above and beyond the call of duty. We believe with an industry as wealthy as online gambling that companies should always find the time to help out those that are less fortunate. We hope that the Charity Recognition Award will inspire others to become more active in charities.

Presenting the recipients of the Charity Recognition Awards for 2017:


CasinoMeister (CM) was one of the first casino portals to donate to charities in a significant way well before it became fashionable for companies to show they participate in philanthropy. Casinomeister supports a wide range of charities and they use their site and platform for raising money and awareness to various charities. One of their biggest contributions to date happened when Casinomeister teamed up with Got2Bet to raise $110,000 USD with their Tsunami Relief Auction where they gave up 1 year of top banner space to raise money.

Casinomeister has a dedicated page where their members can donate to a wide range of charities that CM endorses.

Calvin Ayre Foundation

The Calvin Ayre Foundation (CAF) is also one of the organizations that has been donating money and awareness to charities and has been doing it on a consistent basis. One of their biggest causes they have contributed to this year is helping Barbuda recover from hurricane Irma which has devastated the island. The Cavin Ayre Foundation has offered to match up to $1 million in donations through the use of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. CAF has also sponsored the I Am Able conference helping individuals living with physical, mental and other disabilities. The Calvin Ayre Foundation has been launching charity initiatives since 2005 raising money and awareness for numerous charitable causes.


Despite not winning a Trusted Affiliate Program award this year, Bet365 at least continues to give generously to charities with nearly £50.7 million donated in the past year. In 2014 Denise Coates setup the Denise Coates Foundation contributing £100 million to the organization. The goals of the charitable foundation are to donate to registered charities in the United Kingdom that have a worthy cause and all of their donations are well documented with major contributions to health and education.

Thank you affiliates

Gaffg would like to thanks the affiliates that took the time to vote. We would also like to wish all the affiliate managers, affiliate programs and affiliates nominated and shortlisted for the iGB Affiliate Awards 2018 and wish you good luck. You can browse through our list of awards winners from our first 5 years:

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright