BetOnline Affiliates interview with Luis Poveda

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright

On the surface seems like a new sportsbook but the brand has far more experience. Tell us about some of the people behind the team at BetOnline and what affiliates should know about the stability of the company.

We’ve been in the sports betting business for 21 years, online for about 11 (first as BestLineSports, acquired the name BetOnline a few years ago).

We are privately funded by two very experienced shareholders, one from a traditional bookmaking background and the other from online bookmaking. We see more sports action than the entire state of Nevada.

What made you decide to join the team at BetOnline?

I realized it was the next logical move in my career.

After working in the gaming industry for most of my life and having some experienced working with affiliates in the online adult industry, I wanted to join a company that was open to new ideas and where my experience and education would be fully utilized.

I found the Affiliate Manager position within BetOnline Affiliates offered me the chance to leverage my marketing skills and business spirit to make a significant impact to BetOnline’s business.

What should players expect when they join the BetOnline sportsbook?

We have good bonuses for our players.

Two of our most popular promotions are the Better Bonus Guarantee AND the Lifetime Bonus Guarantee. Our players get a bonus up to $900 on every deposit.

Is the casino an important part of the income stream of the sportsbook or is it only a complimentary feature?

Yes, the online casino is a very important player in our company. Not only does it attract many different types of players but it is also used as a great cross selling tool.

What percent of your players are using the mobile sportsbook?

Our mobile platform is new, but solid. About 20% of our players are using our mobile Sportsbook and we are seeing growth every day.

How big do you think mobile sports betting will get for the entire industry?

No doubt it is going to be huge. We are excited about mobile marketing and believe it can bring a lot to our business.

More and more people are walking around with minicomputers in their pockets, right now there’s more mobile devices than laptops, so is definitely the future of online gaming.

What are some of the plans or new features affiliates and players can expect to see from BetOnline, or is this top secret?

Tons. We’re working on super cool mobile apps that are awesome for players. Also: Video will be huge for us in 2011 and we will DOUBLE affiliates conversions.

Luis Poveda works alongside Simon Eaton and both are very experienced in the online sportsbetting industry.

BetOnline is an experienced betting platform that allows the players to bet on sports events and casino games in multiple categories.

There are plenty of games and sports events available to all the registered players. The platform is also known for its friendly and intuitive interface that allows the players to feel engaged with the offers available quickly.

Apart from the fact that there are plenty of betting options available to players on BetOnline, the betting site has plenty of bonuses and promotions available.

The registered users can claim any of these offers to give their winnings a boost on a regular basis. You can claim deposit bonuses that go up to $900 and many others that can certainly help you increase the amount of money you earn on BetOnline.

One of the most important traits about BetOnline is its availability. This is because this betting platform has managed to acquire gambling licenses that allow it to offer gambling services in plenty of different territories. Online betting sites often face obstacles regarding the access to them from determined jurisdictions.

There are many territories where online gambling is illegal, so most betting sites are unable to enter these specific markets legally. That is why BetOnline has invested a lot into getting authorization to enter these difficult jurisdictions. Between them, the United States of America.

This nation has been known for its strict measurements regarding online gambling. It is very rare to see a betting site offering gambling services within this territory. One of those fortunate sites is BetOnline.

The players located in the United States can join BetOnline without any type of problem. All you have to do is visit its website and register for free. The procedure can be completed within 5 minutes only. BetOnline requests some basic information in exchange for the possibility to earn money on its platform.

Once you have finished the registration procedure, you are free to start betting on your favorite sports events and casino games. BetOnline counts with many payment methods as well. You can make deposits and withdraw your earnings from BetOnline with ease through the most secure e-wallets and Credit/Debit cards providers.

BetOnline has worked diligently in recent years to offer the best features to the players in all ways. Nowadays, the players have the chance of betting from their mobile devices as well.

You can do it comfortably from your phone and tablet. The mobile platform runs smoothly on pretty much any device you can think of. Additionally, there are no limitations for the mobile users either.

The offers and options available on the desktop version are the same ones that you can find on the mobile version. This is definitely a great trait that allows the players to have a reliable betting platform available in the palms of their hands at all times.

You can place bets from anywhere. You can do it while eating outside or even while waiting for a meeting to start. The choice is yours from beginning to end.

BetOnline has noticed the importance of providing the best odds as well. There are many betting sites available up to this day that allow you to bet on sports competitions. However, many of them offer odds that are quite disappointing to look at.

Therefore, BetOnline has started providing the highest and most interesting odds to the players that love betting on sports competitions. Furthermore, BetOnline has seasonal promotions that increase your chances of winning in a particular sports competition. BetOnline has dedicated promotions for the UEFA Champions League, UFC, NBA, NHL and many other popular sports events.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright