Betting Gods Tipster Affiliate Program Review and Interview

betting gods tipster service
21st Aug, 2018
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright

1. What is all about? is one of the largest and most popular tipster networks on the internet, giving punters the opportunity to increase their chances of profiting from their betting by following genuine, professional bettors. Our aim is to offer the highest quality tipsters from around the world who cover a range of sports so that punters have a one-stop-shop for professional betting advice, with an unrivalled level of customer focused service.

2. The site has it's own affiliate program for sportsbetting affiliates to use on their site. How does this work and how does it compare with the other standard sportsbetting affiliate programs?

We offer one of the highest commissions in the industry with 50% commissions paid on every sale and recurring subscription, for life. We don’t see affiliates as a way to make a quick buck. Instead, we fully appreciate the work and effort that goes into being an affiliate and that’s why we think it’s only fair that affiliates are paid fairly. If a member stays with a service for 2 years (which many have) then an affiliate will earn a 50% commission on every recurring payment that this member makes.

We use Clickbank to handle our affiliate sales. This also means tracking is reliable and in real-time. As soon as a sale is made, an affiliate can see their commission in their account.

3. What are your recommended ways affiliates can promote on their website?

betting gods affiliate program

There are numerous ways an affiliate can promote Betting Gods. An affiliate could put up banners across their site, they could email their mailing list with an offer, they could review a service, write a blog post about the Betting Gods platform or even simply link to it at the end of a blog post.

What we will say is that we’re happy to work with any affiliate on a personal level. This means if an affiliate needs banners of particular dimensions, wants to interview a tipster or would like free access to a service for review purposes then we’re happy to oblige. We’re very much about building partnerships and working together.

4. Obviously for a tipster site and service where you charge a fee for the service, we know there is a direct line of income coming through. That said what do the sportsbooks themselves think about sites that offer very strong tips where if all users followed would be profitable players. Do you think that most players come to tipster sites for one thing but end up betting with their emotions still?

This is a tough one. There are three types of punters: Those who are betting to make a quick buck, those betting purely for the sheer pleasure of a gamble, but also those who recognise the merits of betting as a long term investment. Our aim is to either attract the latter or teach the former how to become the latter. Obviously the bookies aren’t huge fans of us helping people to take money off them and it’s why we offer a lot of advice to punters about spreading their bets across multiple platforms as well as the advantages of using the Betfair exchange markets.

5. How would you rate your site against many others that offer betting tips?

Well, naturally, I’m going to be bias. What I will say is that, at Betting Gods, we focus heavily on quality over quantity which we fear the majority of our competitors do not. We will only ever launch a service which we would personally put money on, and where we have fully vetted their tipster’s ability over a rigorous 16 week process.

We also don’t shy away; we publish monthly articles in the Racing Ahead magazine, have featured on the Racing Post’s website, have trackside advertising at various UK racecourses, sponsor several races each year and have even featured in The Guardian and Virgin Pioneers.

We actively seek out opportunities to be fully transparent as a company and with our results, nothing is hidden from members. Trust is what builds long-term relationships and this shows in the loyalty of members who have joined and grown with us since we launched way back in March 2014.

betting gods tipster service

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright