BoyleSports Buys More Betting Shops on UK and Ireland

BoyleSports Starting to Monopolize the British Market
14th Nov, 2019
Press Release

In August of this year, BoyleSports joined the United Kingdom Retail Market by purchasing 13 stores from Wilf Gilbert and in now it wants to buy the 18 outlets stores that Bruce Betting has across the country in regions like Dublin, Bray, County Wicklow, Maynooth, County Kildare, Mullingar and others places.

BoyleSports is getting stronger and stronger in the British market, we have to remember that not long ago they also purchased 5 Galway shops from Mullholland company and now they just purchased 4 bet shops from Bruce Betting on Sheffield, Cannock, Birmingham, and Coventry.

Right at this moment the Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe raised the gambling duty from 1% to 2% which is going to affect the small operators perhaps leading them to bankruptcy and will benefit big companies like BoyleSports who seem to be starting to monopolize the British Market several bet shop at the time.

BoyleSports Owners understand that the British market is a gold mine and they want to expand as wide as they can but for the moment their main goal is having 100 betting shops in all the United Kingdom.

The British territory has become the main target for many gambling sites over the course of the last few years. It all started once the British authorities started offering gambling licenses within the territory. Many gambling companies saw the opportunity to enter a market that is by far lucrative in many aspects.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission receives a high number of license requests from betting sites that are located all over the world. Many of them get rejected, while some others are able to get the license and start offering gambling services to the British residents. In most cases, the gambling companies that acquire the United Kingdom license get to increase their earnings by more than 20% in a short period of time, a fact that clearly shows how it seems that every gambling site wants to enter the United Kingdom.

It also has to be said that acquiring the United Kingdom gambling license is not easy at all. There are many requirements and procedures that have to be followed in order for a gambling site to be taken into account and then, get approved to offer gambling services within the United Kingdom.

Therefore, it is common to see how most of the online casinos that operate in this territory are owned by recognized companies that have been part of the gambling industry for quite some time. Even so, it has been seen how some of those considered big and reputable companies have ceased operations within the British borders due to the strict new measurements that are imposed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission every year.

Considering how beneficial the British market is, it should not come off as a surprise that BoyleSports wants to take it over as soon as possible. This Irish betting company has shown incredible ambition and determination in becoming the number 1 option in the United Kingdom when it comes to betting on sports events or casino games.

The BoyleSports strategy is certainly working out well so far. The betting company is acquiring betting shops that will allow the players to bet from different locations within the British territory, but at the same time, BoyleSports is also strengthening its online platform.

The website adds new and better features and offers to the players on a regular basis. Additionally, the players are able to have fun and bet from their mobile devices, giving the opportunity to place bets while traveling or walking on the street with ease.

Apart from the many acquisitions of betting shops, BoyleSports has made sponsorship deals with several sports teams. Currently, BoyleSports acts as the shirt sponsor for Birmingham City and Coventry City football clubs and is an online betting partner of English Premiership club Wolverhampton Wanderers.

BoyleSports have expressed their desire to become a powerhouse and reliable betting platform for the players outside the British Territory. The company wishes to become relevant to the international players and increase its reach worldwide. It is said that the main focus is Germany and the Netherlands. These two territories have shown to have plenty of passionate players within their borders, and BoyleSports wants to draw their attention quickly as well.

It would not be a surprise if BoyleSports ends up becoming one of the very first betting companies to offer services in all the continents. It is simply mind-blowing how this Irish operator has grown so much within the industry.

The players that are part of the BoyleSports community has indicated how thrilled they feel about the company growing and developing so quickly. There are plenty of players that wish for BoyleSports to arrive at their countries too, so they can start being part of a reliable and strong gambling site that will always have new and interesting offers available to them.

14th Nov, 2019
Press Release