Casino Auditing Services launched by ThePOGG

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright has been around for a few years and is better know for handling casino complaints as well as their fairness testing reports. This week they have announced the launch of a new service aimed at casino operators which is their Auditing Service. The purpose of the auditing service is to thoroughly review every aspect of an online casino to ensure that the information to their users is correct, up to date and makes sense. Some key points that the auditing service covers are:

  • terms and conditions analysis
  • bonus terms and conditions review
  • compliance and content consistency

Their first audit was from the Trada Casino audit and it features page and pages of content and highlights a few issues with the terms and conditions of the site including the user experience feedback. The audits themselves don't hold back on highlighting any errors on the site and that is the best part as the audits highlight the issues before hand and give a further understanding of the changes made by the casino. tradacasino seals

This means that Trada Casino now holds The POGG Deposit Guarantee seal where they refund deposits of players if they encounter problems with the casino in the event of a dispute. Trada Casino can now boast they have endured the casino audit from The POGG and the audit has resulted in positive changes to improve the user experience for players as well as fix important errors to keep the casino accountable. To learn more about the casino auditing service visit You can also read our review of Trada Casino Affiliate program.  

The POGG Auditing service allows operators to have one of their highly experienced team members review all aspects of the product they are offering, providing detailed feedback on a wide range of factors that could be impacting negatively their ability to convert players, retain players, and protect their operation from bonus abuse and potential damages to their reputation within the iGaming industry.

Certainly, the creation of this new service by ThePOGG will help players and the operators equally. This platform dedicated to reviewing and analyzing the betting industry has created a name for itself through an amazing work ethic that has made the iGaming more trustworthy as the years have passed by.

Thanks to this auditing service, the online betting operators will be able to identify those weak points on their platforms that may decrease the number of players that are registered on their platforms. Apart from that, the players will be able to read the auditing reviews and recognize when a betting site is worth investing on or not.

The operators will receive a full report before their review is published if they request an audit from ThePOGG. This report will help them to incorporate constructive input and solve concerns before they are raised in a review. It will also go into much greater detail and give input that would not be included in the review.

What does a THEPOGG audit report include?

A thorough review of the General Terms and Conditions, covering structure, layout, clarity, and many significant topics that may damage the operator’s reputation on the industry.

A full review of the Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions with an emphasis on clear comprehensible language and ensuring that the terms cover critical areas that will save the platform from suffering substantial amounts of bonus abuse.

An evaluation of the site's design and user interface, focusing on topics such as: how easily the site can be browsed, if the players can quickly and easily discover key information and whether the operator have ensured that frequently searched information is easily available. This usually reduces the pressure and burden on the customer service that the operator offers to the players.

An emphasis on identifying any conflicting information on the site, owing to the time restrictions that operators have, this is an area that is sometimes ignored. ThePOGG evaluation team frequently discovers out-of-date or blatantly conflicting material on operator websites.

A report containing an evaluation of the page’s load times as well as any dead links that may be affecting the player experience on the site. While the audit is not meant to give any kind of SEO, ThePOGG is aware that dead links and sluggish loading sites negatively impact user experience, and they will provide some comments in these areas.

If the operator decides not to act on the feedback provided in the Audit Report or if they are unhappy with the final report, they can request a second review. Nevertheless, this will void the additional benefits such as increased trustworthiness stats, and permission to use ThePOGG Audited seal that come with the Audit.

All the applicants should know that even if the permission to publish the Audit Report is denied, the audit will be kept on file by ThePOGG and may be referred to in the future if a problem identified in the report leads to a player complaint. ThePOGG also maintains the right to mention that an audit was performed, but that the concerns highlighted were not resolved in any review.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright