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21st Aug, 2018
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Welcome to the 8th edition of our Gaffg KickstartMonday series where where we help to start your week off on the right foot. You can find all of our KickstartMonday series here. In this edition were talking about the latest buzzwords in SEO which is Google Penguin 3.0 and my response to that is who cares.

Google Penguin 3.0

google penguin 3.0Google Panda update was released recently and now the SEO community is buzzing again with the pending launch of Google Penguin 3.0 update. Just so you know, Panda updates aim to de-rank sites with lower quality content while Penguin update aims to de-rank sites with lower quality links. Google will always be fixing their algorithms so if your site ends up taking a hit from these updates then of course you have work to do. At SERoundtable they predict we will see the release this week based on hints coming from Google's Gary Illyes and you can read more about that here. Why do I say who cares about these updates? Well for one thing the sites I work on I try to focus on quality content and quality links, especially natural links and that is something I also recommend for my clients of Horseshoe Agency. If anything these changes are starting to become big enough business for expert SEOs where their job is to fix the problems as best as they can so their client's websites can get back to the traffic and rankings that they are used to. If you focus on quality content and finding quality links, or at least trying to get natural links, then you'll do just fine. Ever since Panda and Penguin have been rocking webmasters the message should have been crystal clear from Google that your content has to be better if you want it to rank and your links have to be better, or at least to look more natural. If you haven't been focusing on cleaning up your content and your link profiles in the past few years then you might be concerned about Penguin 3.0. google penguin 3.0 When these updates do happen, you want to be in the position where they won't affect you but as a webmaster you should at least know what can hurt or help your website especially if a competitor gets nasty with you and starts to build lower quality links to your website. Overall once the update goes live we should see some webmasters cry over the updates and maybe for a few others they might see their traffic increase a bit at the expense of those who were punished.

Panda vs Penguin

Just to summarize as it's easy to get confused with the animal kingdom of Google. Panda - Focuses on content and aims to penalize sites with either low quality content, duplicate content or thin content. Penguin - Focuses on link building and aims to penalize sites with either low quality links or webmasters gaming the search engines through link building.

Penguin Confusion, what number are we at?

Google themselves have their own numbering system for Penguin while the SEO industry and community has just numbered them one after another. So when Google says Penguin 3.0 update, this is actually the 6th update (Penguin 1, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0 and 2.1).

What's next?

You'll just have to wait and see when Google releases and announces the Penguin 3.0 update. It is expected to be big as smaller updates were incremental in the numbering system so this isn't 2.2, it's 3.0. My guess is since the last few Penguin updates I've noticed more webmasters pursuing guest blog posts which probably has helped some sites ranking. Curious to see if WilliamHill is going to lose some rankings as a result of that.

Penguin Problems? Try

If and when you encounter problems with Google Penguin 3.0 you'll want an experienced SEO that can identify the problem and find a solution. With Google Penguin, this is all about link building and covers everything from removing bad links, disavowing bad links, finding links and perhaps anchor text that could be hurting you, and finally getting better natural links so you might not have to endure these problems again, until at least Google shakes things up. So if you need help contact

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21st Aug, 2018
John Wright