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casinobonusestoday rebranded
21st Aug, 2018
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Press Release - Relaunches & Rebrands

August 3rd, 2016 has not only relaunched but fully rebranded as well to become The relaunch is focused around a new design with the user experience as the focal point. The new site just has a better layout and simplistic design. The goal of the site remains the same to give casino players offers that matter to them and offered by recommended casinos.

“The original CasinoBonusesToday design was a lot of work to launch which lead to the initial success of the website. 3 years later, even more work was put into the new design to take the site to another level amongst the biggest casino portals around. Under the hood the site uses a more efficient php framework along with Redis to improve the site loading speed but there is always more work to do to make the site even faster. Overall the new site has a new framework which will be the template to make improvements, do A/B split testing and push the boundaries of conversion rate optimization.” John Wright

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The website was designed by and features drastic improvements from the previous site at casinobonusestoday. The sites has a bigger improvement in user experience design where the bonus listings has less detail for users to focus on while the casino reviews are better structured to help users decide which casino to play at. There are more planned added features that will become part of the core USPs of the site which will include a player forum and casino tournaments.

A Better Mobile Experience

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More and more casinos and casino portals are seeing more mobile traffic so it was only natural to improve the user experience for mobile users. The new site takes mobile users into consideration to make it easier for them to navigate the site and find relevant casinos for them.

Tougher Criteria for Casino Recommendations

Along with a new design, the site aims to list every online casino that exists and the criteria for getting recommended is tougher. This tougher criteria is meant to help players make better decisions on which casinos to choose. Too many casino portals promote and recommend casinos that have predatory terms and conditions for players. At CasinoBonusesNow (CBN), we relay on the research and player terms and conditions from to truly know how a casino treats their players.

About CasinoBonusesNow was created not just to focus on casino bonuses but on the retention aspect of bonuses for players as most casino bonus portals focus on new player bonuses. At CasinoBonusesNow, the site will cover any relevant promotion for players and of course focused only for recommended casinos.

The new CasinoBonusesNow is set to make the iGaming industry safer for everyone in it

CasinoBonusesNow has been operating for 3 years now. Despite the few years that it has been part of the iGaming industry, the platform has managed to draw the attention of many players worldwide.

CasinoBonusesNow was originally created to help the players make better choices and keep them away from fake or fraudulent betting platforms that just want to take each and every penny they have.

Sadly, the iGaming industry has been subject to many crimes and scams that have turned it into an unreliable sector that most players do not dare to trust in any way.

One of the main ways in which fake online casinos take advantage of the players is through the bonuses and promotions that they have available to the players. In plain sight, they seem fine and totally legal. But, many of them have terms and conditions that simply make it impossible for the players to earn extra money without hurdles.

The team behind the creation of CasinoBonusesNow is more than aware about these fake bonuses. Therefore, they have come up with great procedures and features that give the players all the clues and facts they need to stay as far away from them as possible.

Many players have claimed to find out about predatory bonuses and fake online casinos thanks to the CasinoBonusesNow platform. According to them, the sites and the offers seemed perfectly fine since they do not understand much of the words and policies stated on their terms and conditions.

Thankfully, they were able to identify the hidden traps within them and prevented a great loss of their savings. In general, it can be said that platforms like CasinoBonusesNow certainly make the iGaming industry a safer and better sector, without any doubts.

What the players can find on CasinoBonusesNow

Despite its name, CasinoBonusesNow does not offer assistance when it comes to bonuses and promotions only. The site has grown and developed to be a complete website that offers reviews and guidance in many aspects regarding the iGaming industry.

For starters, the platform allows the players to check the most reliable online casinos available to them. It counts with a rating system as well as thorough information on the reasons why each one of them is considered a legit and trustworthy betting site on which you can invest freely.

Another great feature available on CasinoBonusesNow is the guidelines that it has available. These are guides that allow the players to identify fake online casinos and dishonest terms and conditions on their own.

These guidelines are quite popular among the visitors of CasinoBonusesNow because of how well they are organized, giving them the opportunity to understand every aspect explained on them.

The players can trust CasinoBonusesNow too

CasinoBonusesNow is not interested in making money through the innocence and the lack of knowledge of the players. For 3 years, the team operating this site has shown professionalism and respect for each and every honest player and brand that takes part in the iGaming industry.

The reviews and guidelines offered on CasinoBonusesNow are not rigged and the visitors can trust them without hesitation.


21st Aug, 2018
John Wright