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21st Aug, 2018
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Danny the affiliate manager from CasinoLuck Affiliates talks about his experience in the gambling industry and working with the casino affiliate program.

How did you get started in the online gambling business?

I started playing poker back in 2001. During 2002 I was making more money on poker than my day job so I started playing poker full time.

Being a pokerplayer did not look that good on a CV back in 2002, but being an entrepeneuer was, so I started the first rakeback site in Sweden with three of my poker friends.

After just a year the affiliate business was getting so big that we needed to start working with it full time and play less poker.

Does your experience with rakeback sites help in working with casino affiliates?

It does. It is easier to understand how affiliates think, if you have been an affiliate yourself.

Affiliates want good service, correct reporting and punctual payments.

What made you decide to join the team at CasinoLuck?

There were many factors, I will list a few.

The team that works with Casinoluck are people I know, and they have a lot of expereince. The brand, the casino software and my bonus :).

Out of all the many casino software providers out there why did you choose Net Entertainment?

Net Entertainment has a good platform of games, great jackpots and good service.

The fact that they are listed on the stock exchange and there is public information about them make them more trustworthy than some of the other casino software providers.

What advice do you have for new casino affiliates that want to get into the business?

That they should network with people that are doing affiliate business.

Learn from people that know what they are doing.

That way they can avoid some of the rookie mistakes.

Then they need to work hard, and put in a lot of hours.

What can affiliates expect from CasinoLuck in 2011?

The affiliates will have exclusive promotions to offer the visitors on their sites.

That we are open for all kind of crazy promotions that an affiliate might suggest.

Exclusive affiliate promotion at CasinoLuck Affiliates

Join CasinoLuck Affiliates and generate your first $1000 in commissions and get an Affiliate bonus money of $50.

Affiliate programs have surely become very popular in the last few years. The affiliates are able to earn extra money while showing some simple marketing material on their sites.

It has certainly turned into a profession that many marketing and iGaming experts want to dedicate to full time.

If you wish to create an affiliate platform, you may want to take the following tips into consideration:

The platform matters

The first step is to create and construct the affiliate platform with which you wish to collaborate. You may go ahead and start creating your ideal affiliate platform on your own if you have a clear notion of what you want and strong website design abilities.

On the other hand, if you do not know much about web design and have no clear concept of what you want your affiliate program to look like, engaging the services of specialists who do know what they're doing is your best option.

You may employ designers, marketers, and even iGaming experts to help you create the greatest affiliate program possible.

What you offer to the affiliates is crucial

If the platform is launched and has excellent animations, it will undoubtedly look fantastic. The affiliates, on the other hand, are more concerned with something else. You must carefully consider the many offers and income opportunities that affiliates will have access to on your site.

You must carefully consider the many offers and income opportunities that affiliates will have access to on your site.

Likewise, you should consider providing an appealing standard commission structure that will attract many affiliates. You may also provide them with different options that will help them increase their profits.

You must make deals with brands

The next stage is to consider how to be recognized by potential partners. You must attract the attention of online casinos, sportsbooks, and other iGaming companies interested in forming an affiliate partnership.

Joining clubs and communities where the managers and owners of these sites meet on a regular basis is encouraged.

Show them your proposal once you've met with a few of them. Tell them how you're different from other affiliate programs. Tell them how and why your affiliate program will help them expand fast in the market.

Search for the affiliates that will be part of your program

Once you've struck a contract with a betting site, you will need to start looking for webmasters that can help you build your brand and make it relevant in the iGaming market.

You may locate them fast and easily using any of the social media sites.

It is advised that you seek for webmasters that are involved in the iGaming business in some manner, as this will make it easier for them to direct traffic to the brand you are supporting.

Once you've established a name for yourself on the market, new affiliates will flock to your platform in search of a secure means to monetize their sites' traffic.

The people that work with you must be qualified

The number of affiliates enrolled will expand as your affiliate program becomes more well-known in the industry. As a result, it's critical that you have a sufficient number of personnel on hand to help you manage the platform at all times.

It's crucial to have affiliate managers in control of the transactions, platform features, and, of course, the offers offered to all the affiliates.

You must ensure that, in addition to the quantity of personnel employed, they are skilled and quick enough to do each assignment properly.

Taking the chance of hiring inexperienced individuals might result in a significant loss of affiliates and a damaged reputation that may never be restored.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright