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21st Aug, 2018
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Dropbox is a free file sharing tool that lets you access your files on any computer. See why you should get this cloud storage program and to be more productive on group projects.

Dropbox.com is a great tool for webmasters and gambling affiliates. It is a basic file sharing program that is hosted on another server and you get 2GB free or $19.99 per month for 100GB folder.

You can download the program for Windows, Mac, Linux or put it on your mobile phone using iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry.

You can use the program through the website as well and invite people to share folders where you can drop files.

Dropbox is categorized as a cloud storage service which means the files and folders are stored in the cloud.

When it comes to collaboration on projects you can share pictures and files in one space without having to email those files back and forth.

When working with graphic designers and coders tools like this certainly speed up the project and make everything run more efficiently.

Of course if you need to access these files from any computer you can just login or install the Dropbox program and get the files you need.

At 2GB this program acts like a virtual USB key and it is free.

You can also make sure files are synchronized and to make sure another person isn't overwriting and saving a different document which can be the case when you play email tag.

You can also set privacy rules on each folder especially if you need to collaborate with more people on projects but restrict access to files and data.

All files are also encrypted when using Dropbox so your data remains protected. You can use Dropbox as an online backup.

Although this is a free basic program it is a valuable tool for any webmaster that has to collaborate on projects, whether it is content writing, contracts, graphic designs, programming and file sharing. It is a recommended tool for anyone working in the online gambling business.

Dropbox update itself automatically, or you can decide when to update the files since if you are doing some work online and some of your friends or colleagues uploads lets say a 5gb, it can slow down your internet speed and even your computer, however, this program is still a great tool for everyone that is working remotely or for any team spread out across the planet that need to transfer information, data, pictures or anything as soon and smooth as possible.

There are other alternatives for Dropbox such as:


This program/tool is exactly the same as Dropbox, it provides a free cloud storage of up to 5 GB which is more than the double of Dropbox plus it provides you with other tools such as control password access, email notifications, reminders, and other applications, unfortunately for this program is not as popular as Dropbox but still is pretty good.   

Google Drive:

We all know google offers email services, but it is unbelievable that many people still don't know that Google offers cloud storing up to15 GB for free and with the possibility to expand up to 1 TB for as low as $10 per month, which is incredibly low compared to other online storage services. This platform was launched on April 24, 2012, however, many people are still reluctant to use Google Drive and prefer not to depend on Google apps and programs too much, since almost every single person or company in the world has a Gmail account now.


If you are a Microsoft user you probably know by now this storage service else you would not be surprise that this program offers the same services as the previous ones such as sharing files online, edit in real time with any member of the team and of course it is fully compatible with any Microsoft software or applications. 

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright