Gamesys buys Virgin Games, Market-Ace acquires gaming brands

market-ace acquires virgin games
21st Aug, 2018
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Gamesys buys Virgin Games which will merge into Market-Ace affiliate program

Today Virgin Affiliates has announced that Gamesys has acquired the Virgin online gambling brands.

After 8 years of dedicated services as an online Casino, Bingo and Poker operator, Virgin Games is moving to pastures new in 2013 under new ownership.

From 29th January 2013, Virgin Games will be owned and operated by Gamesys, which through its subsidiaries operates the brands Jackpotjoy, Sun Bingo and Caesars online Casino and Bingo.

As a Virgin Games affiliate, the sale of the Virgin Games business does affect you directly, and it is very important you read and understand the information below to keep earning commission on your existing Virgin Games players.

At midnight (UK time) on 28th January 2013, all Virgin Games players will be transferred across to Gamesys, and the Virgin Games affiliate program will cease to operate.

What does this mean for affiliates?


As of January 28th, players from Virgin games will be migrated over to the Market-Ace program and affiliates will need an account at Market-Ace to ensure they get their commissions as usual.

Virgin Games is terminating their affiliate agreements and affiliates will be forced to switch to the Market-Ace terms and conditions.

Market-Ace does have a good reputation with affiliates so they can be relieved that the sale and transfer shouldn't affect them in a negative way.

Market-Ace does have reputable brands and this is proof that they are one of the better known and respected affiliate programs around.

What will the new ownership bring for the brands?

The new owners are set to bring new airs and updates to the Virgin Games platform.

Virgin Games operated quite well for eight straight years, however, times are changing, and some updates were needed.

The platform was loved and chosen by many players, so the sudden change certainly came off as a surprise for many of them.

Despite the change, Virgin Games is not going to degrade in any way, so the players can rest calmly. As a matter of fact, having Gamesys as the owner can only mean great news for everyone.

Regarding the affiliate platform, all the commissions and offers will be improved and optimized for every single webmaster registered on it.

There is absolutely reason to believe that Virgin Games will cease to exist due to this new ownership.

What is Gamesys?

This is a private company that is dedicated to developing and operating software and brands that are part of the iGaming industry.

Nowadays, it is one of the major gambling companies across the globe thanks to the several licenses it holds and the offers that it has available to the users.

The main focus for all the Gamesys brands is the United Kingdom. However, thanks to the amazing growth that the company has had over the course of the last few years, it has been developing in other important markets worldwide.

What can be expected from Gamesys and its brands?

You can expect plenty of good stuff from Gamesys and all of its brands.

The company has made sure that each and every offer on its platforms is filled up with incredible benefits for the players and affiliates.

After having entered a wide number of jurisdictions and acquiring multiple gambling licenses, it can be safely said that Gamesys is a reliable gambling company that is just looking to improve the industry overall.

Do not wait for a bad reputation or fraud scandals from any of the brands owned by Gamesys.

The provider excels at security and trust, so you have nothing to worry about once you have joined any of the sites owned by it.

Gamesys traits:

They know what the player wants:

Gamesys is always investigating and discovering what the players want to have available on its platforms, so they can be happy at all times.

Gamesys has a professional team of workers that specialize on empathy, so the players are comprehended by the company at every occasion.

Gamesys works as one:

Despite the high number of brands owned by Gamesys, the company knows that “in unity there is strength” so they are all coordinated and synchronized to work as a single name that is looking for perfection at every second of the day.

It does not matter whether you are part of only one or multiple brands owned by Gamesys, the assistance will be of the highest-quality each and every time you enter any of them.

The limit is the sky:

On Gamesys, there is no limit as to where the company is able to get to.

The company is as ambitious as it can be. Therefore, the players and affiliates can only expect the best and most advanced tools, features, offers and games while being part of Gamesys.

Once you have joined a Gamesys brand, you will encounter the most appealing and breathtaking characteristics that any iGaming provider can have.

Innovation is key:

Gamesys is aware of the constant changes that the online gambling industry is suffering every day. New technology, new tools and new offers get developed and released so that iGaming companies can be more relevant.

Gamesys not only knows about them, but also invests and works hard to acquire and get each and every new innovation available in the industry, so the users are always caught up with the current trends.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright