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21st Aug, 2018
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright screenshot does what you think it might do. The .fm implies it’s a radio station of some sorts and something for the brain.

Well it does have a simple array of music with settings for focus, relax or sleep.

When it comes to getting things done and trying to focus on work, it’s hard to say what’s the best music for us to listen to and maybe this is a personal thing.

Some people don’t listen to any music, some like their favourite tunes while others tend to listen to classical music to relax and stay focused.

Music can be an emotional lift for people but sometimes that just isn’t what you need when you have too many things that need to get done.

It’s bad enough as people that work in marketing, we have too many types of notifications to keep us distracted.

That can be emails, skype, Slack, Facebook messaging, WhatsApp and anything else you have on your phone that lets you know someone either wants your attention or some notification that you are better off not getting.

The testimonials on seem compelling so there really is only one thing left to do: try it and see if it actually works.

My only questions were would this be any different than listening to classical music where supposedly people study better listening to it?

Would listening to music for focus work more because I am intentionally trying to focus and would it be a placebo effect?

It didn’t take long before listening to the focus section to feel focused and not do anything else other than a task at hand.

Anytime listening to it has been easy to pick a single task and just grind away at it.

I end up doing less distracting tasks like checking phone messages or random news. Anytime I’m hit with a distraction that would normally derail me, I just parry it away and don’t really give it much thought where at other times I might be angry or frustrated when I don’t want a distraction.

I see why has many followers and people praising it for doing it’s job.

I can’t speak for everyone else’s experience but mine is that it feels like I’m put into a bit of a transe whether I’m listening to the focus music, relax or sleep. demo

I am also aware that I don’t want to be listening to this stuff for the majority of my day so when I feel I’ve put in a good number of hours on a task, I have no problem turning it off and relaxing and doing something else.

After talking to some friends about it seems everyone has their go to mix for what they listen to.

One friend has music where it’s background but the music doesn’t make them focus on the music which is probably the key in finding any type of music to listen to for focusing. isn’t the only player in the the music game as there are many artists that produce this type of music and sounds.

You can find more of it on Youtube and even on Soundcloud but it helps to search for the right keywords and a generic keyword like “focus” can still get you pop music and rap. might be the first company to pull in as many followers onto the idea of having music to help you focus.

Without a doubt there will be more people venturing into this space to figure out what type of music can induce this type of focus and more artists that will see if their tunes can help you GTD.

Check it out at

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright