Great Ormond Street Hospital fundraiser

mount kilimanjaro trek
21st Aug, 2018
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The Mount Kilimanjaro Trek 2012 is organized by Chris Taylor to support the Great Ormond Street Hospital to raise awareness and funds

Chris Taylor and the doctors from the Great Ormond Street Hospital are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro this February to raise money for the hospital and awareness for Eosinophilic disorders.

The goal for £15k has already been exceeded but we know the online gambling community can do more and Chris is hoping to break the £20k mark in honour of his son who suffers from the disease.

There are plenty of ways you can help by either donating money or sharing the link so that if more people see it, more can donate money.

You can donate with PayPal, credit cards or mobile payments

Help spread the message

You can share the link on your facebook page, post on twitter or even add it to your skype status.

There is a facebook page as well.

The great addition that represents the inclusion of online gambling in fundraising

It is difficult to go through life without facing certain obstacles such as accidents and even diseases. Most of the time, battling against these hinders is more than hard because of the lack of economic resources.

To make the fight square and fair, many companies and generous individuals have come up with the concept of fundraisers.

These are events or gatherings that are hosted with the intention of getting money and grant it to those that suffer from the accidents and diseases and do not have the resources to recover from them.

Fundraisers have also turned digital, just like the gambling industry, and now it is common to see how a lot of people request economic assistance through the use of online platforms dedicated to fundraising.

Fundraisers are surely generous and worth-praising events. Sadly, not many of them get to succeed in achieving their goals.

Thankfully, new industries and sectors are taking part in them. Such as the iGaming industry, that counts with plenty of account managers and brands that are willing to organize or participate in these events by donating themselves.

The iGaming industry generates up to $3.3 billion worldwide through the deposits and the earnings that are withdrawn by the players. Additionally, the industry counts with more than 500 million active players daily.

With that being said, it is more than comforting to know that this powerful industry is taking part in such important and humble events that make the whole world a better place to live in.

The Mount Kilimanjaro Trek 2012 has been a complete success and the whole iGaming community is hopeful that many more fundraisers can achieve their goals with the assistance of all the players and executives.

The assistance of the iGaming industry in the communities of the world

As the iGaming industry has grown and developed to be a powerful industry in which lots of money is investing in, many brands and executives have taken the initiative to invest their money on several community projects.

According to statistics, more than $500 million get invested in non-profit organizations and hospitals by the iGaming industry brands. Moreover, multiple brands have developed non-profit spaces where the players and anyone else can donate to special and important causes, such as the battle against cancer.

One of the most important movements for the community within the iGaming industry is the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

The GCBF is the largest of Queensland’s one-off community programs and one of the most relevant movements in favor of the community that take place on a yearly basis.

This program distributes more than $60 million to non-profit organizations across the world and provides a big help for all of those communities in need of economic resources and other basic elements such as food, water and shelter.

Many other programs have been established after getting inspired by GCBF. The creation of this generous program has most certainly made the iGaming industry engage more closely to the communities that it is part of in all the corners of the world.

Hopefully, more programs and events within iGaming will be organized with the intention of helping all of those in need.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright