How affiliate marketing works for gambling companies

Affiliate marketing works
13th Sep, 2021
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Affiliate marketing has developed superfast in the past few years, delivering great results for many brands in a lot of different areas, so new affiliates must know how important it is to use the best marketing strategies online so that any type of site or brand is able to grow in a short period of time.

The massive growth of affiliate marketing has been pushed by the incredible growth and development of the e-commerce industry in the past decade. 

Many new businesses get launched on the web and require the help of a reliable affiliate marketing community so that they can become relevant on their respective markets.

Affiliate marketing and the gambling industry

Among the many industries that have a big boom on sales and revenues is the gambling industry, which has gotten eye-catching results in recent times with the growth and appearance of new online gambling operators and developers.

Affiliate marketing has meant a lot for all the online gambling companies that exist nowadays. This type of marketing has allowed the iGaming industry to reach new jurisdictions and users in a short amount of time never seen before.

In general, affiliate marketing is part of the most useful and trustworthy marketing strategies used on the iGaming industry to grow steadily. 

There are certain factors that have made affiliate marketing so successful and reliable when it comes to the iGaming industry, and here are some topics that you should know about:

The hand-in-hand relationship between the affiliate marketing platform and the gambling company

One of the most important factors, if not the most relevant one, is the fact that both parties work together from beginning to end when it comes to finding the desired results.

The partnerships tend to be so close that many online gambling companies decide to run their own affiliate marketing platforms since they believe it is more efficient in all ways.

What makes these partnerships so tight is the fact that both parties end up winning and generating high sums of money. 

Payments based on performance

Many webmasters are interested in being part of an affiliate marketing platform since they can earn a good amount of money for their efforts.

On affiliate marketing, the income is generated depending on how well and efficient the webmasters are when promoting the brands. Therefore, there is no waiting time in between.

The webmasters and the affiliate marketing platform are not making an investment. They are getting the results themselves by working and promoting the brands through the use of their sites and blogs.

On the other hand, online gambling companies are more than happy with this because they know that the affiliates would be working nonstop to earn their money.

The productivity is set at the very top from the beginning of the partnership, leading the brand to great success in record time.

Innovative tools and software

With all the earnings made and the great success rate that it has gotten, affiliate marketing has turned into a worth investing sector that many entrepreneurs and developers have joined recently.

Thanks to that, many new tools, software and features have been added and updated to make affiliate marketing even better

Nowadays, affiliates can promote any brand they want on many spaces with ease. In addition to that, the tools and features available make it simple and quick for them to get the best results in a short amount of time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a set of different actions and activities that make a particular website rank higher on Search Engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo and Bing.

What affiliate marketers tend to do is identifying all of those elements that could make a website look more interesting and important for the Search Engine and improved them as quickly as possible. 

Additionally, they add all of those special components and traits that could make a brand more appealing in all ways, making it appear higher when someone searches for anything related to it on the web.

Ultimately, ranking higher on a Search Engine will drive a lot of users to the site, since most people enter the first websites that pop up on the search and do not even bother looking at the ones below them.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

This is another common online advertising model used on affiliate marketing that has worked to perfection. 

As the name suggests it, it pays for each and every click on a particular link. It has delivered great results due to the high number of users that simply click on a random banner or link out of curiosity, leading them to visit iGaming platforms that end up looking attractive to them. 

It is also quite beneficial for the affiliates since they get paid quickly without having to spend a lot of days waiting for a payout to get processed.

Media Advertising

As of this moment, social media is good for pretty much anything you can think of, from simple stuff like reading news and watching funny videos to promoting a brand or selling your personal products.

Considering the high number of active users on every social media platform that exist, sponsoring a brand on any of them is not a bad idea at all.

Most of the time, affiliates make use of groups, pages and personal profiles to post their referral links and attract new players.

Another great feature about social media is the fact that everything is filtered out, meaning that if you post about anything related to gambling, most likely everyone that watches it will be interested in it easily. 

Overall, it is a cheap and very efficient marketing model that has made a lot of iGaming brands and affiliate marketing platforms successful.

Forums and blogs

Forums and blogs have been popular and attractive for many people around the world. On this type of platforms, you can find spaces related to anything that happens around the world such as sports, politics or even comic books. 

These virtual spaces full of different audiences have represented an incredible method for affiliates to allure users to the brands that they sponsor.

Frequently, affiliates register on these platforms and search for specific topics related to iGaming. Once they have found them, they start promoting their brands and end up attracting many new players in a short period of time.

Reputation matters a lot

Thanks to the great results delivered by affiliate marketing platforms, there are many affiliate programs that you should check out on

We have reached the point where most online gambling companies and players rely on these platforms blindly, giving affiliate marketing a boost when it comes to attracting new faces to the iGaming industry.


13th Sep, 2021
Simon Colmenares