Interview with Bojoko's Ville Saari on their casino review process

Ville Saari on Casino review process
13th Jun, 2024
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The role of expert reviewers in the iGaming industry is crucial. They guide players towards the best online casinos and help operators improve their services through detailed and objective reviews. 

One affiliate website that has become known for its team of casino experts and comprehensive and unbiased reviews is We had a chance to talk with Ville Saari, their Lead Content Manager, to learn more about the process behind Bojoko's online casino reviews, including how its experts evaluate and rate casinos.

How does Bojoko ensure the reviews remain unbiased and objective?

We have a stringent set of review guidelines that all our experts follow. This ensures consistency and fairness in our assessments. Additionally, we rotate reviewers to prevent any biases from developing over time. Our team also conducts anonymous testing of the casinos to experience the service as a regular player would.

What inspired Bojoko to develop these unified review guidelines?

We wanted to provide players with a reliable and comprehensive resource. There are countless online casinos out there, and it can be overwhelming for players to discern which ones are worth their time and money. Our detailed review process was developed to ensure players have access to trustworthy, unbiased information that helps them make informed decisions.

We'd like to know more about these guidelines. Can you walk us through them?

Absolutely. Our process starts with verifying the casino's licensing and regulatory compliance. This is crucial for ensuring player safety. If a casino doesn't hold a valid license, particularly from the UK Gambling Commission, we don't proceed further. 

Once the licensing is confirmed, we check the casino's reputation, checking player reviews and any historical issues.

Several key aspects are critical. First, we evaluate the game selection to ensure a diverse range of high-quality games. Next, we examine the bonuses and promotions on offer, including their terms and conditions. The user experience is another significant factor – the site must be easy to navigate and visually appealing. Payment methods, transaction speeds, and customer support quality are essential to our reviews.

We have individual ratings for bonuses, banking options, game selection, support and user experience. This allows us to highlight which aspects a casino does well and which it does poorly. We have a specific checklist of what types of games, the variety of payment methods, etc., to justify each of these ratings, and the overall rating is a culmination of them.

How do you evaluate casino bonuses and promotions?

We delve into the terms and conditions to see how player-friendly they are. This includes wagering requirements, game restrictions, and time limits. We also assess ongoing promotions to see if the casino offers consistent value to returning players.

How do you keep your reviews up to date?

We have a dedicated team that monitors the websites we have listed on Bojoko and actively checks whether bonuses and other key information are up to date. Additionally, we are in active contact with our partners, and they will generally send us information on any key changes, as it is in their interest that the reviews are up to date as well.

We also periodically re-evaluate casinos to ensure our reviews reflect the most current information, as casinos can improve or, in some cases, worsen. 

Is there anything online casinos can do to get better reviews from Bojoko?

For casinos to get better reviews, they must focus on several improvement areas. 

Firstly, offering a diverse and extensive selection of games is crucial; players appreciate the variety and high-quality options. Expanding payment methods to include more options, especially popular ones like PayPal, and ensuring there are minimal to no transaction fees can significantly enhance player satisfaction. 

Additionally, casinos should avoid onerous terms, particularly wagering requirements that are much higher than the industry norm. Fair and transparent terms foster trust and encourage positive reviews. 

Finally, enhancing user experience through a well-designed interface, reliable customer support, and ongoing promotions will help casinos stand out in our evaluations. 

13th Jun, 2024
Simon Colmenares