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21st Aug, 2018
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Hermann owns a network of online casino affiliate sites including the German portal His hard work and dedication helped him get off the ground and he shares his secrets of success.

How did you get into the gambling industry?

I clicked on a webmaster's link.

When did you make the transition to full time affiliate?

Soon after I joined a webmaster program.

Your move looks like it was a good decision, what was going through your mind at the time? Were you nervous about the risks or more excited?

I had given up a few times in the first 5 years. As soon as my payroll got bigger my motivation started growing.

Today or let's say since 3 years being a gambling affiliate is the best job I can imagine. Like at the time I need my mobile to run my business from almost any place in the world, no kidding.

Tell us about the German markets, how much is this part of the industry worth and tell us something about the mindset of German players and what they expect when it comes to online gambling.

Born and raised in Germany this market is of much higher value for me than most others.

The internet and working online and also spending past time on the web is common sense to germans of all age groups.

There still are many that never played, gambled, betted or wagered on the internet.

Your advice for new webmasters that want to become a gambling affiliate would be?

Patience, 40h/week, a few years. Join a forum. Feel free to sign up through

Good luck!

Affiliate lessons to be learned

Many affiliates give up after the first 3 months when they don't make any money.

Usually, an affiliate will get the idea that they can earn 5 or 6 figures a month with little effort and magic will just happen.

The truth is 99% of affiliates will fail to earn money because they don't have the right guidance to show them what areas they need to improve upon.

Most of these affiliates also don't know how much time it takes to make their first commission and many don't have any plans past 3 months.

Some of the successful affiliates listed in the directory didn't earn money so quickly with some taking a full year to make a good living from affiliate income.

If you are a new affiliate or an existing one and can't figure out how to make money visit the affiliate coach section and get 1 on 1 help for free.

What is is a German website where any person in the world can enter to learn more about the iGaming industry, its evolution and the latest trends within it.

The platform is quite popular in Germany, and it has drawn the attention of many iGaming enthusiasts worldwide, especially within the European continent, where it stands as one of the most complete and reliable platforms for anyone looking for guidance in iGaming.

Many traits and features have turned into the great website that it is today. For starters, its creator, Hermann, counts with lots of experience within the iGaming industry where he has faced and beaten plenty of obstacles along the way.

Thanks to his worth-praising expertise, offers interesting information and guidelines that have made the iGaming industry easier to understand for many users worldwide. has reviews on the hottest online casinos, most popular casino games and the users also have access to a dedicated section that discuss the best promotions and offers that the players should take to increase their earnings quickly.

In general terms, it can be said that was created to improve the users’ experience in iGaming. Thanks to it, the industry is no longer a big scam that only takes their money and never gives them the chance to make any real profit.

What aims at

According to its current manager and creator, Hermann, was developed with the intention of making the iGaming industry more accessible to a higher number of webmasters and players.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright