InVision Studio - 2018 Design Tool of the year

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21st Aug, 2018
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InVision Studio calls itself "the world's most powerful screen design tool" and they are probably right. Without having even tested it, this looks like it is going to be the biggest design tool for website designers since Sketch came along. For those that don't know, Sketch has completely taken over from Adobe's Photoshop as the tool of choice for designing websites. You can check here, here and here for more articles on the Sketch vs Photoshop debate but for the designers that have moved over to Sketch, they are not going back to Photoshop.

Now Sketch has a new competitor to deal with and the InVision Studio app looks like it's going to be the new tool of choice for users. On the surface, just comparing Sketch

Sketch vs InVision Studio

Just looking at the screenshots of the InVision Studio app, it looks very similar to Sketch and that is done on purpose. It's meant give a similar layout and environment that Sketch users are used to so they don't feel like they have to endure another learning curve for a new tool. Once you are comfortable with Sketch, it's easy to look at InVision Studio and have a good idea of how to setup your designs.

InVision Studio for Mac & Windows

The big knock against Sketch is that it is a Mac only application. It really feeds into the whole concept of designers being snobby and thinking that Mac is the only computer that should be used for design. Mac computers are inherently expensive and it just seems like Apple is doing a better job of messing up their new Macbooks and iPhones that these software companies should make their app available on more platforms. InVision Studio is rolling out their app for Mac and Windows computers.

Motion Design with InVision Studio

InVision Studio will let you design the same website that you can do with Sketch but their tools for creating shareable artboards and designing the motion aspect of an interface is the big improvement over Sketch.

Design Trend for 2018: Motion Design

Motion design is already on the rise and if you look at some of the bigger websites, they are building this into their user experience. As more companies put emphasis on user experience, motion design will no doubt be part of that improvement in user experience design seen across websites of all different sizes.

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What will InVision Studio bring to the market?

It can be said in just one single word, Competition. That is the main change that the release of InVision Studio will cost on the market.

The reason for that is simply because Sketch and Photoshop have been monopolizing the industry for a very long time now.

As a matter of fact, the first apps that the designers think about when working are definitely the two of them. No other one has been able to compete against them.

It is expected that the launch of InVision Studio will finally make Sketch and Photoshop become more competitive so that they can start bringing more features to their users.

In the meantime, the simple news of the InVision Studio release has generated a lot of tension within the industry, so the designing app is surely doing its bit from the get-go.

Is InVision Studio as good as it portrays itself to be?

Certainly, that is the most important question for the designers, many of them are wondering if this new tool is just marketing itself as a great alternative, or it is in fact as good as it seems to be.

For the time being, it is impossible to tell how good or bad the tool is, since there has not been any beta or trial version available so that the users can test it by themselves.

However, the news of the release of InVision Studio has drawn a lot of attention within the designing industry, something that had never happened since the release of Sketch.

Is InVision Studio for everyone interested in designing?

According to its team of creators and the media, InVision Studio is set to become the most accessible designing app once it is launched officially.

With that being said, many users are hoping to find a great and easy-to-get designing tool available in InVision Studio.

For starters, InVision Studio already announced that it will not be available on only one operating system. The creators of the tool has expressed that the Windows users and the macOS users will be able to acquire the app without any issues.

If you happen to be a Linux user, it is still uncertain whether the app will be available for this particular operating system, since the creators only spoke about windows and Mac due to their high popularity.

Benefits and disadvantages that InVision Studio may have when compared to the other designing apps


The first benefit or trait of InVision Studio has to be its availability for sure. The app is set to be accessible to pretty much anyone interested.

Innovative features and offers: InVision Studio has been developed by a professional team of experts in the area. All of them have put together a group that has created new and interesting tools that many designers could be in love with.

Price: the real prices for the full version of the app have not been announced. However, the developers have stated that it will be a generous fee that not many designers would have trouble paying at any moment.


Lack of trust: just like any other new business or app, InVision Studio has to fight against the top brands that are already settled with a high number of loyal customers. It is not an easy battle, but the developers are positive that it will be a success.

Slow growth: since the app will be released in the near future, and it will have to focus on attracting customers, the developers would not be focusing on adding new features or offers up until the app has garnered a considerate number of users.

High expectations: even though it may sound weird, having high expectations may be bad since any mistake or error displayed on the app would be subject of harsh scrutiny.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright