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21st Aug, 2018
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Describe how popular online bingo is at the moment?

Online Bingo came into existence in 1996 and was known as “Bingo Zone”, then came Bingo Blitz in 1998.

Within this period of 15- 16 years Online Bingo industry has grown rapidly.

Before 2010 there were only 10 online bingo sites on the Internet and by 2010 there were more than 375 online bingo sites.

It is interesting to note, however, that in 2004, more people in the UK attended Bingo games both live and at UK Online Bingo Sites than football matches.

Which countries is bingo the most popular with players? Which countries is bingo become more popular?

The US, UK, and Japan are the three countries that have the largest number of bingo players.

Today, there are two widely popular versions of the game that are played all over the world: US Bingo, and UK Bingo (also known as Non-US Bingo).

How much bigger do you see bingo getting?

It was estimated that the global gross gaming yield of bingo (excluding the United States) was US$500 million in 2006, and was forecasted to grow to $1,000 million by 2010.

Number of sites also keeps on increasing every day.

The UK is currently home to 699 licensed and operational Bingo Clubs. Within these 699 Bingo Clubs, more than 3 million people play Bingo in the UK on a regular basis.

What percentage of your players is female and are you finding more males getting into bingo?

Bingo statistics vary from one country to the other.

Gender statistics are 70% women and 30% men in the U.K.

In the U.S. and other countries, the women are the majority.

Global statistics about online bingo players place the percentage of women between 80% and that of men at about 20%.

Reason to this may be that in developing countries people still think that Bingo is a woman’s game.

Do you think it is too difficult or too late for a new bingo affiliate to start a website? What is the current level of competition for affiliates?

As per me this is the golden phase for a new bingo affiliate to start a website.

If they don’t want to get into the trouble of designing, licensing etc. they can simply become a part of any network site that provide White Label solutions.

For Ex. My networking site, Live Bingo Network provides while label solutions.

We have total 5 sites collaborated with it now. 3 of them belong to affiliates.

Affiliates have a very good chance if they start a Bingo site reason being they know how to generate traffic and that is what is needed if you are running a Bingo Site.

About Bingo:

As statistics say, Bingo is a game that is played more by women than men, but that does not mean that men do not enjoy the game, it is just that it needs to be advertised differently.

All online casinos must have a Bingo room or several Bingo rooms, so if you have an online casino don’t waste your time and build a Bingo area because people love this game, so this area will be always full and if you are a webmaster looking for affiliate program be sure that the brands that you are going to promote have at least one bingo area.

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21st Aug, 2018
John Wright