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21st Aug, 2018
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The POGG network has added a sister site called POGG Strategies ( which is a collaboration between, and

The site was designed by HorseshoeAgency and the site aims to be one of the most comprehensive casino gambling sites around.

The current standout feature are the video poker game trainers where you can select games like Jacks or Better, Tens or Better and not only get strategy guides but also use the trainer tool to practice and master those games. If you make mistakes on plays, you'll be informed of the mistake and also given analysis on the cost of those mistakes.

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What makes this site stand out? For starters the content is very rich which doesn't feature a large number of pages but the word count is around 200,000 words making each article a very long read but is targeted for the casino player that wants the most comprehensive understanding of the casino game they want to master. There are around 40 casino games covered that covers the common games like blackjack, slots, craps, roulette, baccarat and more.

There are numerous video poker games covered in extensive detail and at the moment the video poker games have the most detail on the site that provides odds calculations as well as strategy trainers. You can adjust the trainer based on software and adjust the paytables. Some of the important pages on the site are:

The current site will have some improvements and upgrades done over the next few months and over time more game strategy trainers will be created. The site also has a feature to allow users to ask a question so if they have one on a specific play on a game or something more challenging then they have an opportunity to interact with the website and get a direct answer to their question and learn. pogg strategies ask a question

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ThePOGG keeps on making the iGaming industry safer and better for the players

Once again, ThePOGG has come up with yet another tool that is meant to help the players improve their chances of earning extra money in the various types of games available in the iGaming industry.

Thanks to the release of POGG Strategies, the players will be able to learn everything about their favorite games without actually having to lose any of their savings in the process.

The brand-new collaboration between, and is set to turn into one of best tools available to the players worldwide who are not confident in the knowledge and the skills that they have on casino games that exist up to this day.

ThePOGG was launched in 2011 by Duncan Garvie, and it has made the iGaming industry a more reliable and secure sector for the players, the operators and the investors within it.

As of this moment, ThePOGG offers casino reviews, bonus reviews, a forum open to anyone in the world and other special tools and features that were developed with the intention of improving the iGaming industry in all ways. 

The team behind ThePOGG believes that the iGaming industry can be a trustworthy community where all the parties involved can operate without harming anyone else in the process of finding their own success.

According to ThePOGG representatives, iGaming can be a completely safe industry that anyone can join without problems if all the members of the community work together unselfishly.

The approach of POGG Strategies

At this particular moment, POGG Strategies is aimed at the inexperienced players that wish to learn all the tricks and tips about their favorite casino games without having to invest their money or much of their time on it.

For the time being, the only guides available are for the classic table games that most of the casino players struggle with, such as poker, keno and blackjack.

ThePOGG has already announced that the platform is just starting and that new updates and features will be added in the near future, so the players who are interested in other types of games do not despair.

All the collaborators behind the creation of POGG Strategies have stated that the platform will not be forgotten after some time passes by. They are committed to the platform and its pure intention of guiding the players, so they can win more easily.

The new updates are set to improve the site’s design and increase the catalog of games that are covered.

It seems that the platform will start offering guidelines on the most popular slot games as well so that the players can increase their odds when it comes to testing their luck on the many slot titles available on the betting sites.

The site is open for everyone interested in learning

POGG Strategies is free of charges. The players or anyone interested in visiting and reading the guidelines offered on the site can do so at any given moment without problems.

There is no need to go through a registration procedure, either. You can just enter the platform and look for the tricks and tips of your preferred casino game.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright