More igaming domain seizures and affiliate program closures

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21st Aug, 2018
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More domains of US facing sportsbooks, casinos and poker rooms were seized, more gaming companies are switching to .eu and .ag, QuickTender is closed for business and Casino Coins and Best Casino Partner closes their affiliate programs to new players.,, and more domains seized

The following domains were seized on May 24th, 2011:

In anticipation that more domains would get seized, other companies are now switching domains., and now using new domains

Many gambling sites that take US players have informed affiliates to update their links on their affiliate sites to redirect to a new domain.

The domain changes involve a few brands that are changing from .com domains to .eu and .ag domains that are probably out of the reach of ICANN and the Department of Justice.

If you are promoting any of these brands be sure to update your links: switching to switching to switching to

Casino Coins closed for new players

On May 16th Casino Coins emailed their affiliates to inform them that no new player signups will be accepted.

It isn't understood if this means that new players are accepted but just not through the affiliate program or if all new players cannot signup at all.

Existing players are still able to play and affiliates can still earn commissions on them however affiliate payments are now made on a quarterly basis instead of monthly.

If you are a casino affiliate promoting any of their brands such as English Harbour, Caribbean Gold, Super Slots, Millionaire Casino, Vip Slots, Slots Galore and Silver Dollar you should inform players that new registrations are not accepted and to replace links and banners on your site with other brands.

Best Casino Partner closed for new players

Best Casino Partner (BCP) uses the same Vegas Technology software as Casino Coins and it wasn't too surprising to see BCP announce that they are not accepting new casino players.

BCP is the affiliate program for Go Casino, Grand Vegas, Crazy Slots and Online Vegas.

QuickTender US payment processor shutdown and closed for business

The news about QuickTender has been quiet but their website is updated with a blank screen with this short message:

"With regret, the QuickTender service has been discontinued. All account holders will be notified by email"

Many affiliates had money in their QuickTender accounts but it seems they might not possibly get their money back.

Many affiliates are jumping ship but perhaps now is the time to be diversifying your affiliate portfolio and starting websites outside of the gaming industry or to focus on non US markets.

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The cause of the seizing of domains

The sudden seizing of domains may have come as a surprise for many affiliates and players across the world.

But, when taking different key factors into account, it is easy to understand why all of these domains have been seized.

One of the main factors is the prohibition to offer gambling services in many territories, including the United States of America.

The American territory has always been a hostile jurisdiction for the gambling industry. For years, the industry brands have been looking for ways to enter and maintain their status in the American states.

Sadly, not many betting brands have been successful on this complicated quest.

Another important factor to take into account is the growing popularity of the industry that threatens to damage many economies and businesses worldwide.

The United States against online gambling

If you are a gambling connoisseur, you may already know about the endless measurements and limitations that exist for the gambling brands in American territory.

There are plenty of them in place, with new ones getting added every single year.

The United States of America counts with one of the most famous gambling districts operating up to this day in the state of Nevada with the popular city of Las Vegas.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that all gambling brands are accepted within its borders.

As a matter of fact, the nation is one of the strictest ones when it comes to the matter in the whole world, making several members of the gambling industry wonder why that is the case.

There are multiple reasons why the country considers online gambling to be risky and unnecessary. Some of them are: gambling addiction, needless loss of funds and the lack of complete control over it.

The rest of the world facing the gambling industry

Despite the strong disapproval that exists in the United States regarding the gambling industry, plenty of other nations have expressed their desire to make the industry grow in their territories.

One of those countries is Canada. This huge nation has expressed how important it is to make the gambling industry grow and develop and has implemented flexible yet reliable measurements to do so.

Because of that, Canada has turned into one of the jurisdictions with the highest number of betting sites available, up to this day.

Operators and developers feel safe in Canada, so a lot of them have built their bases in this country in the hopes of reaching success without any setbacks.

The fear generated by the gambling industry

Unfortunately, the gambling industry has not been all smiles and good moments. It has been filled up with lots of fraud cases and crimes as well.

Since its beginnings, the industry has been seized as a chance to get away with money easily. Many swindlers and criminals take advantage of innocent players and rob all of their money.

They have used many methods and ways such as fake transfers and rigged games, turning the gambling industry into a risky and scary set of activities that could leave you broke effortlessly.

Many people and governments do not trust online betting sites, so they have come up with solutions such as the complete prohibition of gambling activities to cease the fraudulent schemes once and for all.

The positive changes ahead

Even though many misdeeds have been performed on the gambling industry, the technology advancements that have been developed may be used to improve its reputation.

With new security and privacy solutions in the making, the gambling industry may start building a solid trust in those difficult territories where such activities are considered illegal just yet.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright