Neteller Promotion $5000 Giveaway Jan 24-28 2013

neteller 5k promo
21st Aug, 2018
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This promotion will provide members with 50 chances to win prizes of 100 USD.

10 winners will be selected each day between January 24 - 28th.

Members will receive entries into the daily draws based on their “Transfer To” activity; every 1000 USD transferred to a merchant site during the promo period will award the member with one entry.

No registration is required, all members are opted in.

For more details, members can go to the promo site, which will be available as of 5pm MT today and includes all promo rules.

From 24 January to 28 January, 2013 NETELLER is giving away 50 prizes worth 100 USD. Entering is easy - for every 1,000 USD you transfer to websites during this time period you will receive one entry to win.

No registration is required. Good luck!

About Neteller

Neteller is an online payment processing company offering safe and secure transactions between customers and merchants.

Neteller has an affiliate program that allows affiliates to earn income twice for a single transaction.

You can learn how it works in our Guide to promoting ewallets or learn the best ways to promote Neteller.

Webmasters can get 20% commission by promoting the Neteller program to their players.

Neteller Affiliate Program Review

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The reasons behind the success of Neteller

Neteller is, without any doubts, one of the most successful and famous payment methods in the world. The e-wallet was managed to allure a high number of users in all the continents of the planet.

Thanks to Neteller, many merchants are able to make transfers and receive payments from their clients without delays and issues at any given moment.

The international financial brand has located itself as one of the top choices when it comes to purchasing goods on the web and the number of registered users on it keeps on growing as the days pass by.

One of the many factors to take into consideration when it comes to the success of Neteller is its approach to security and the protection of the user’s identity.

Neteller counts with the safest and strongest security protocols and measurements that keep the user’s personal information private and confidential, even for the workers within the payment method.

This has certainly made Neteller stand out from the rest of the competition, since most of the issues that e-wallets face tend to do with security breaches that threaten the users’ privacy.

More eye-catching details about Neteller

Neteller is not just about keeping the user’s data safe and private, the payment method is also known for its amazing account's management. The way that Neteller manages the users’ accounts is just worth praising.

That is because this payment method never even looks at the user’s funds, since these are stored in separate trust accounts that no one within the company has access to.

Apart from that, the payment method has no authorization to borrow the users’ money at any moment. Neteller is forced by law to make use of its own budget and funds when it comes to its own debts and due payments.

In addition to the great security protocols and the total privacy of the users’ funds, Neteller has another great trait to boast to the world.

That is its Net+ card. First introduced in 2003, this prepaid card allows the users to make purchases on retail stores using the funds that they have deposited on their Neteller accounts.

This amazing feature made the payment method even more appealing to the users worldwide, since most stores did not accept payments through the Neteller platform at the time.

Thanks to the implementation of this card, the users were able to buy anything they want as if it were another debit card of theirs.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright