New iGaming brand Eyas Gaming backed by Gauselmann Group

New iGaming brand Eyas Gaming backed by Gauselmann Group
7th Oct, 2020
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A new iGaming brand surfaces amongst the newly regulated online gaming market in Germany backed by Gauselmann Group for a collaboration.

The German market opens next July, so this offering is being developed to coincide with that launch. Talks are already in process for licensing through the Malta Gambling Authority and will be applying for a German online gambling license when it comes available.

Bede Gaming founder Michael Brady and chairman Joe Saumarez-Smith are teaming up to lead Eyas Gaming.

Saumarez-Smith said the following: “The regulation of the German market is a very exciting time and a huge opportunity for us. The proposed rules for the German market will present some big challenges for all operators but we think that we will be able to build a market-leading product with Merkur that is specific to the German market and the new regulatory regime.”

Gauselmann Group chief executive, Paul Gauselmann, commented on the creation of Eyas Gaming: “I am thrilled about this collaboration. The operational experience of our partners in conjunction with our technological platform as well as our renowned Merkur games will enable us to successfully establish online offerings in Germany and other regulated markets.”

When purchasing a majority stake in igaming platform provider Bede Gaming in March 2020, Gauselmann said the deal would further enhance its digital offering, and leave it well-positioned to take advantage of the re-regulation of the German online gaming market from 2021.

Last month, German lawmakers agreed a transition period to permit online casino games in Germany, provided operators comply with the terms of the regulatory framework due to come into force from 1 July 2021.

Per the agreement made by the country’s 16 Minister-Presidents, operators will be permitted to continue offering online slots, poker and sports betting provided they work to ensure they comply with the terms of the GlüneuRStV by 15 October.

The German players entering the gambling industry by storm

In the last few years, many betting sites and affiliate programs have contained themselves from pushing to enter the German territory because of its policy of no gambling activity allowed.

It was quite difficult for them to find an opening and enter the German market since the government and the gambling authorities never even intended to change their stands.

Now, it has all changed. Thanks to these new regulations imposed by the country’s gambling authority, a lot of online betting sites will start looking at the country as a true potential market to invest on. The new regulations are still quite strict with the operators, there is no doubt about that.

However, they are still flexible to the point where the operators and affiliate programs do not consider it a total waste of effort and investment. The players are definitely celebrating the latest news.

They are happy to know that many new online casinos and sportsbooks will be available to them once the new regulations are up and running.

The German territory as a market for the gambling operators

Despite the high number of measurements and limitations that the operators have to face once they enter the German market.

It is fair to say that there is still a lot to win for them in the European country. Germany is one of the largest and most populated territories, and it also counts with a stable and reliable economy that allows its citizens to satisfy not only their most basic needs, but also their cravings and wishes.

Taking that into account, the nation is able to boast a high number of gamblers without much marketing. There are plenty of gamblers in all the German states. In fact, gambling platforms are some of the most visited websites within the German country all year long.

With that in mind, it is difficult to find any reasons as to why this new and flexible regulation would be negative news for the citizens or the gambling operators looking to enter the country.

The authorities’ concerns

According to the Germany federal Ministry of Health, there are approximately more than 600,000 addicted gamblers across the German states.

With that being said, the authorities are looking to educate all the citizens about the high number of problems and consequences that irresponsible gambling can cause them to the point of jeopardizing their lives.

As of this moment, the federal Ministry of Health has been working nonstop to develop and utilize an online platform where anyone can have access to the statistics and proven facts about gambling in the country and across the whole globe.

The main reason and goal of the platform is to create awareness and ensure that the citizens comprehend that they can gamble as long as it is within the healthy limits that do not endanger their lives in any way.

The statistics that alert the authorities

According to multiple surveys and statistic studies carried by the German Authorities, at least 1.5 million citizens from ages 16 to 70 have played a slot game or table game once or several times in their lives.

Plenty of them have claimed to have lost a considerate amount of money after taking part in any gambling form within the German borders.

In the country, the most popular games are the slots. This particular type of games is estimated to garner more than 200,000 gamblers in Germany.

According to the BZgA chief Dr Heidrun Thaiss, “Products offering fast gameplay and short intervals between payouts tend to lead to players gambling more often and spending more money than intended.”

Taking that into consideration, the German gambling authorities have been paying serious attention to all the casino games that are available to the players in the country illegally.

With the implementation of the current regulation, the German government and authorities would have to play an important part in preventing the citizens from becoming troubled players.

7th Oct, 2020
Simon Colmenares