PrincessBet upgrades its platform for new solutions

PrincessBet upgrades its platform for new solutions
22nd Sep, 2020
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PrincessBet is a bookmaker based in Tanzania, it has been around in the market since 2016. The company is part of the Princess International Group which is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Authority.

They have upgraded its sportsbook platform using a software solution offered by PronetGaming. Its casino portfolio features more than 6,000 of the world’s best slots from the industry’s leading suppliers.

After the partnership came into effect, PrincessBet has launched a brand new user interface to enhance its player experience when navigating what it has to offer in terms of sports betting, live wagering and virtual sports content.

Partnering with Pronet Gaming has been transformational for our sportsbook platform and puts us in an even stronger position to cement our status in Tanzania as the go-to operator for online sports betting”. Said Hakan Akdemir, PrincessBet CEO.

His statement continues: “The deployment process has been seamless from start to finish and marks an exciting time for our company as we look to accelerate growth on mobile and convert more and more players to the online experience”.

This mindset does come at the perfect time since, due to the times we are at right now, the online venue seems to be the most profitable path to take.

Bobby Longhurst, PronetGaming CCO, also stated: “This collaboration with PrincessBet is a prime example of how our on-the-ground expertise, speed and flexibility enables our partners to become frontrunners in their target markets."

“We are looking forward to working closely with their team to deliver an industry-leading experience at this critical time for Africa’s online sector as mobile betting takes centre stage.”

Innovations taking over the industry

The implementation of new tools and features by PrincessBet is a clear example of what is happening nowadays in the iGaming industry.

The companies are developing and updating their platforms with the intention of offering a top-notch site where the players worldwide can enjoy betting and earning extra money without any issues.

New features are more than just desired within the industry, they are definitely a need for not only the players, but also the operators of the platforms.

Web designing is growing and releases new and more interesting animations and features that certainly the iGaming industry cannot miss out on.

Thanks to the new features and tools, the industry will grow more quickly and develop a strong and reliable reputation to reach new jurisdictions and players across the whole world.

The changes for the players

The new tools implemented by PrincessBet are surely going to improve the players’ experience when taking part in sports bets.

The players are the biggest winners with the new and enhanced sportbook platform that PrincessBet has available to them.

Having an advanced sports betting platform is recommended for all parties since it is common to see how the sites crash and delay any of the tasks requested by the users.

Thankfully, that is not going to happen when betting on PrincessBet from now on.

Apart from the incredible platform, PrincessBet keeps on adding new betting options and alternatives for the players, making it one of the most complete betting platforms available in the African continent.

Leading betting platform in Tanzania

PrincessBet is based in Tanzania, the African country had lacked a reliable and advanced betting platform before the arrival of PrincessBet.

Since the release of PrincessBet, Tanzanian players are able to enjoy more than 6,000 casino games and bet on over 10,000 sports events every single day.

The betting site took over the country by storm, and it is set to keep on growing every day.

The addition of the new features and enhancements is going to lead PrincessBet to the very top of the list when it comes to choosing a betting platform that operates within Tanzanian borders.

The growth of online gambling in Africa

Africa allows the use of some forms of gambling depending on the country that is referred.

The continent has witnessed an eye-catching growth regarding the amount of players that bet from online platforms.

The growth goes up to 15% in the last year with high chances of seeing a new spike in the current year due to the social distancing policies imposed by the governments.

Certainly, the growth is more than evident, but it still falls short when compared to other continents.

The reason behind this is the high poverty rate in the continent. Sadly, not a lot of players are able to afford the internet service and the acquisition of an optimal device to place their bets with ease.

Tanzania as well as most of the rest African nations are still battling against poverty and increasing the number of players on online platforms is surely the least of their worries at the moment.

22nd Sep, 2020
Simon Colmenares