Republican party wants to ban online gambling

21st Aug, 2018
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As the 2012 US elections are happening, political parties are either taking stances on voter issues or avoiding them completely for fear they might lose voters.

One issue that doesn't seem too risky has been online gambling and recently the Republican party (GOP) has recently stated they want to ban online gambling as a means to preserve family values.

What would a ban on online gambling accomplish?

Probably not much and if anything it would certainly get in the way of trying to make online gambling legal in some form in order to charge for licensing fees and to collect more taxable income that is currently leaving the US.

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Is the online gambling industry really hurting family values?

Surely, this is one of the main questions that you may have at this particular moment.

It can be easily perceived as an old-fashioned opinion, a trait that has characterized the Republican Party for quite a while.

It certainly depends on the person and the group of people that is being addressed. But, it seems that this political party is not interested in what the citizens would consider appropriate or damaging.

Taking the sudden rise of gambling addiction in the world into account, it is comprehensive why a government would not want to open its arms wide open to the online gambling industry.

Nonetheless, the online gambling industry has shown great development and innovation in the last years, letting the whole world that it is not a threat to families or economies in any way.

The industry now counts with strong security protocols as well as high-quality tools and features to detect and stop any fraudulent activities within it.

Apart from that, there are plenty of gambling regulators that offer safety to the players’ community on the web, so it can be said that the industry is as secure as it can be.

United States looking to stop the growth of the online gambling industry

Even though the Republican Party has expressed their desire to get rid of the industry within American borders at this time, the Democratic Party has also stated their lack of support towards the online gambling industry.

In general, the United States has been a hostile territory that the online gambling industry has worked hard to enter. Sadly, the country has some of the strictest and toughest limitations that exist in the world.

It has been nearly impossible for most gambling operators to offer its services within the American territory.

As of this moment, every state has the authority to impose its own gambling regulations and limitations. Because of that, some of them have taken the initiative to legalize the industry within their borders.

Unfortunately, not many states are part of such initiative and the gambling operators have been forced to offer their gambling alternatives to small amount of players in specific jurisdictions.

The fear of legalizing the online gambling industry

Land-based online casinos have been known for the incredible amount of money that the players lose on a daily basis.

Many of them are left with nothing to offer and end up losing properties and their own dignity, looking for ways to keep on gambling.

That is a sad reality that the United States government does not want to see in every corner of the nation. It would more than just devastating for the country and all of its citizens.

According to the American political parties, legalizing the online gambling industry would damage and break many families in the country, leading to dysfunctional homes where problems and discussions are part of their daily lives.

In addition to that, it is possible that the citizens start going broke and lose their jobs in a short period of time, increasing the unemployment rate of the country and the value of its currency.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright