#slack: Be less busy - Updated for 2021

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21st Aug, 2018
Simon Colmenares Author Profile Photo Simon Colmenares

Do you have little piles of scattered chaos? Perhaps your online environment is similar, and you’re finding it hard to keep your messages, files, pictures and general digital life under control. Introducing #slack…because it sounds like you could use some.

I only heard about this effective little app a few days ago. But what I do know is that in this incredibly short time, Slack inspired me to blog about it, so it must be kind of ok.

But what is Slack?

Slack is a place where you sign up, create a team, and invite the people you work with.

Once your group has been established, you can go on to talk to and share any type of files with your coworkers, keeping all content in one place.

Slack has the capacity to become your communication hub.

It also allows you to talk visibly for the entire group to see, 1:1 with direct messaging, or confidentially in private groups like when John sends Brandie NSFW files *wink* *wink*.

Conversations and groups can be organized into channels based on department (ex. Marketing), projects (ex. Blog Articles) or shared interests (ex. iGaming Notworkers, how NETELLER > Skrill or any other gratuitous shout out). This keeps work transparent and creates an instantly and easily searchable archive.

Once your entire group is using Slack, you will be able to keep all the files, messages, images, sound clips or whatever else your group is working on together in one place.

Slack saves you time

Slack time saving

Stay focused. Slack is friendly with many of the tools you use every day. Integrate these into Slack, so that all your notifications, too, are in one place. You will reduce the need toggle back and forth between apps. 

You can also say that Slack is a social media since it allows you to chat with your friends and share images, links, videos and more stuff plus you can download it on your smartphone or tablet or any other mobile devices.

There are other similar programs or apps like Slack such as Discord, Microsoft Teams, Trello, Google Chat and many others, but it seems that Slack has the lead for the moment since it offers you everything that you need in your work space.

Why does it work for us?

  • You can use it on the go via #slack’s mobile app. Any affiliate would find value in that.
  • Links can be pasted straight from Google Drive, Dropbox or Box, and it syncs and becomes searchable within one sexy little search box
  •  It's very simplistic. Drag, drop, done.
  • We all like that it reduces our time playing Hide & Seek with the stuff we need for work now. Oh, ya… Slack is free, unlike your time, which you will have more of.

Here are your links: To get the app – www.slack.com To learn more, watch:

21st Aug, 2018
Simon Colmenares