Soft2Bet just passed the 4 year mark

Soft2Bet just passed the 4 year mark
1st Oct, 2020
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Soft2bet formed in 2016, its first brand, Malina, saw a huge amount of time, effort and resource invested into it, laying the foundation for the several exciting brands to follow.

The casino and sportsbook group celebrates its fourth year of successful operation today and is now well set for the future as it looks to continue its ambitious growth.

The group now counts 20 brands on its platform, with the likes of Buran, Yoyo, Campobet, Rabona and Wazamba all seeing considerable success with various demographics and across several jurisdictions.

Soft2bet’s company DNA, which it describes as “aspiring to be a world leader in the entertainment industry, employing the most brilliant individuals, developing cutting-edge technologies and putting our customers and partners above all else”, has underpinned its rise to date, and will continue into future decades.

The first four years of operation have seen several milestones for the group, including launching 20 brands, integrating 50 casino suppliers and 60 payment providers, establishing a sportsbook, acquiring licences from the likes of the MGA and SGA, and the impactful integration of a full marketing and affiliate suite, including the formation of 7Stars Partners.

Uri Poliavich, co-founder at Soft2bet, commented the following: “We firstly must thank all our customers and partners over the first four years for pushing us to become better, faster and more cost-effective in all we do."

“I have a vision for a highly prosperous future for our valued team. We’ll look back in 20 or 30 years browsing through the newsfeeds of our iPhone 126s, reading news of Soft2bet while thinking proudly that this is still my company, and I was there just at its very start.”

Soft2bet’s staff, whether they be programmers, analysts, support agents, QA managers or anyone else, are all regarded as heroes by the company, and it hopes that these will be the ones reaping the benefits of the company’s lofty ambitions moving out of challenging times, and looking into the rest of this decade, into the 2030s and beyond.

The importance of working together

Over the course of the last 4 years, Soft2Bet has shown that working together as a team is vital if a company wants to get over all the obstacles and ultimately find success.

Since its very beginning, Soft2Bet has considered every executive and employee to be an important part of the whole process, and it has led the whole company to a path full of many worth praising achievements.

According to several workers at Soft2Bet, the company is full of harmony and good vibes at all times. There are no internal issues to take care of, so the company can focus all of its energy and budget on growing and developing in such a competitive industry that is iGaming nowadays.

Thanks to such an amazing work ethic and dedication, in 2020, Soft2Bet has become a household name that most iGaming players know about and rely on.

The iGaming provider has already found success in many ways, but as it was said by one of its founders, Soft2Bet has accomplished a lot, but the company is just starting, there is more to come under the majestic name of Soft2Bet in the future so the whole industry and the players must expect great things from the company without any doubts.

The keys to such a quick growth

After only 4 years in the iGaming industry, Soft2Bet has let the world know that you do not need to work for a long time to find success in many aspects.

The gambling provider has made deals with the most reputable game makers as well as the most reliable banking platforms, turning it into the operator of some of the most secure betting platforms available nowadays.

But, what has led Soft2Bet to this amazing growth in such short notice, which is surely one of the questions that new operators and providers wish to know the answer of.

For starters, Soft2Bet has become this prolific betting company thanks to its vision and mission based on the future.

The betting provider started off on the industry with a clear goal and was never led astray from its path. Ultimately, such determination guided Soft2Bet into a road full of success.

The budget matters a lot

The budget available to work with is valuable for every company in the world. It will help them determine their limits and possible goals and, thus, realize how long it will take them to find success.

When it comes to Soft2Bet, the budget played an important part in its sudden growth and development. Soft2Bet was not launched in the world with just a bit of money. The company had plenty of investments and new investors coming in to make it stronger every day.

At the end, Soft2Bet had an incredible budget available to work with that led the company to making great deals with the best game makers in the industry and the safest payment methods.

Once the company released its first betting platform, making it look appealing and interesting to the players was not hard at all.

The players simply had too many alternatives and features available that it took them only minutes to make the decision of joining the betting site.

1st Oct, 2020
Simon Colmenares