ThePOGG Relaunches, New Design

thepogg relaunched
21st Aug, 2018
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright has relaunched with a new design. The site is finally mobile friendly which in the casino space, is more than standard. The focus on the new design was to provide a better user experience and to relay the services to the players. The quality of reviews on ThePOGG remains high and the dispute mediation service is one of their standout features to protect players.

Mobile friendly and User Friendly

thepogg mobile

ThePOGG was redesigned by with the emphasis on user design. This included ensuring the mobile user experience was better than just making the site responsive design only. The process involved a lot of testing and certainly after the relaunch, more work will be done in order to refine the user experience for desktop and mobile users. With some initial feedback with analytics and statistics, the site can be improved further using this feedback to improve any page by reducing the bounce rate, increasing the time on site and helping players navigate.

About ThePOGG Network

thepogg network started out as a single site but has quickly grown into it's own network with sites like as well as POGGSTrategies is an advanced casino game guide that lets players practice various casino games like blackjack, table games and video poker in order to master them. POGGWebmasters was created to offer a mediation service for affiliate complaints and most importantly, to tie in the casino reviews from ThePOGG. ThePOGG believes that affiliates and webmasters have a responsibility to protect players and to recommend brands that offer fair games and terms and conditions to protect players. They offer a service to review the player terms and conditions to detect changes and look out for players. You can view their players terms and conditions here.

ThePOGG enter the new iGaming trend

In the last decade, the iGaming industry has been adopting new trends and features that have made it more accessible, reliable and easy-to-understand. One of those great new trends is the implementation of mobile-friendly platforms.

Nowadays, the players worldwide are betting more on their phones and tablets than on PCs and laptops. The main reason for this is the fact that they can do it from any place without any hassles.

For instance, moving around with a 6-inch device is certainly easier and more comfortable than walking around with a 14-inch laptop that is much heavier.

Therefore, the operators have had to start designing user-friendly mobile sites that can work perfectly from any phone and tablet. The new trend has represented a great investment, but it has surely been worth it all along.

Due to the fact that the whole iGaming industry has taken this trend, ThePOGG made the decision to be part of it as well. The new ThePOGG mobile platform is easy-to-use, and it offers all the features and tools that are available on the desktop version.

Thanks to this alternative, the players and operators are able to interact with one another more easily and comfortably. Additionally, the new mobile platform is set to be offering new features in the near future, so it becomes even more popular on the market.

The expansion of ThePOGG

It is not a secret for anyone within the industry that ThePOGG has made iGaming more interactive and trustworthy in all aspects.

The ADR has implemented many options and variables that have given the players as well as the operators a secure space where they can interact and help each other out respectfully.

Thanks to great platforms such as ThePOGG, many players worldwide have been able to raise their voices and let the operators know about their flaws. On the other hand, ThePOGG has also been used to praise those operators that have made the iGaming industry a better sector.

After finding success so quickly, the ThePOGG executives and developers made the decision to expand their reach and offer its services to other areas of the industry, such as the affiliate programs and the webmasters that are part of them.

The initiative taken by ThePOGG came from the fact that all gambling brands need promotions and publicity to grow on the industry and remain on it.

Therefore, marketing platforms like affiliate programs play a huge role in the success that these gambling brands can get in a determined period of time.

This specific variant is called POGGWebmasters, and it has been a total success since its launch. Now, ThePOGG is making the affiliate marketing industry better as well.

The high hopes on ThePOGG

The great expansion and the implementation of a mobile-friendly platform have made the whole iGaming community raise their hopes and expectations on ThePOGG.

The ADR representatives have not responded negatively to such hopes. According to them, ThePOGG embraces the high level of trust that exists on the platform and uses it to improve all of its services more eagerly.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright