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21st Aug, 2018
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How much money should you pay for a logo?

Where can you find a good logo designer?

This article discusses tips on what you should expect when it comes to buying a good quality logo design.

We are running a Desigui logo contest for affiliates and where one affiliate can win a logo worth $375.

We had one affiliate ask what makes the Desigui logo professional or worth that much money over the logo he created himself?

So to properly answer this question we need to look at all the resources available for finding and hiring a logo designer.

When it comes to getting a logo done, most clients don't know what they truly need for the final result.We will explain the typical design process you would get with the price.

"The main difference with cheap and expensive logos with cheap logo you don't have enough communication with designer when you're doing branding feedback is important.

The designer is getting know the clients business, service or whatever and difference between middle priced logos and really expensive logos.

So if you need logo + businesscard + brochure then price goes up also when you hire agencies, they're usually more expensive.

I think it's logical, you get what you pay, like what can you expect from skilled designer to spend too much time on $50 logo?"

The designer also shared some interesting articles that talk about what to expect when it comes to paying for logos.

Curtoons discusses the price of logos and to educate clients on quality logo design price

Be careful with design agencies!

Pepsi logo design is the center of the universe

About the logo design process

Every designer is different so when it comes to having a logo created you will get a different experience from each designer.

Depending on the price paid and the experience of the designer, the quality of what you get is going to vary drastically.

For cheap designs that are under $100 you can expect your final result to be done with the minimal amount of time put in and little to no feedback from the designer.

Your output could be in jpg, gif or png file formats and sometimes even in a photoshop .psd format.

The pinnacle of design output will come in a vector based formats which allows you to resize the image without losing any quality.

If you try to resize a photoshop file you might have your logo becoming distorted.

1. cheap logos - under $100

- is probably going to be made in just photoshop and the images used might be from clipart that you don't have the rights to use or re-use commercially.

Minimal amount of time spent with little to no feedback in the process.

If you want to create a serious business then you can't cut too many corners on your logo as this is your image and part of your reputation.

2. average priced logos - $100 to $500

- Closer to $100 might be considered cheap and the quality might vary.

You should be getting a vector based logo and with any images used that you pay for the use of the images or that they are available for commercial reuse and modifications.

Some designers in this price range will still produce in photoshop and use stolen images.

There should be some conversation with the designer to explain the needs of the client.

There should be a process of working on initial designs with some editing and correcting along the way.

3. expensive logos - Over $500.

There are some design agencies that will charge well over $500 for a logo with case studies showing some bigger corporations spending over $1 million on a single logo which may be written off as a branding expense.

You should expect vector based formats with discussions from the designer to make sure the end result is what you want and need.

Of course it is still possible to pay more money and get a lower quality logo.

find a designerWhere to find a logo designer?

Below is our listings of where you can find some designers on the internet.

We will list some of the known price ranges and start with the cheap designs before listing some of the more expensive agencies.

Some people just need a cheap basic logo while others are trying to create a brand for their website or company.

At least when you know your needs and budget, hopefully the tips in this article have prepared you to make sure you get what you deserve and to understand more about vector based logos while ensuring you use images you have the rights to use. - Free IF you win the logo contest. See the banner below for full details. Average price range. Get 10% discount mentioning gaffg - $5 - $10 to $50 - $275 to $1000 - $295 to $1000 - $650,000 (created the 2012 London Olympics logo) - $1,000,000 (created the new Pepsi logo)

In the meantime you can enter into our logo contest we are running with Desigui.

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desigui logo contest
21st Aug, 2018
John Wright