Top 10 tips for growing your iGaming affiliate website

Growing Affiliate Website
2nd Nov, 2021
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iGaming brands have managed to enter many countries and draw the attention of lots of players and SEO professionals, turning the industry into a lucrative sector where investments are constant so that all the brands within it can improve their services and reach an even higher number of players across the whole world.

Affiliate programs have pushed the limits of the iGaming industry by allowing the brands in it to attract a lot of people in short periods of time. Many other marketing tools have certainly benefited the iGaming brands, but affiliate websites are still the most efficient and beneficial tools that an online betting sites utilize nowadays.

With that being said, it is easy to understand how the industry receives many new professionals and ambitious minds that are in search of immediate success. Given the high amount of new affiliate websites that are released on a daily basis, it is quite difficult for the inexperienced affiliates to stand out from the competition.

Entering a competitive industry like iGaming without knowing the tricks and most important facts about it is surely not recommended for anyone. Therefore, here are 10 tips that you can read and apply to improve your site and make it grow quickly and steadily.

1. Your Search Engine ranking is a top priority

As a website that requires popularity and reputation to work properly and grow steadily, it is crucial that you find the way to rank as high as possible on the most important Search Engines that exist up to this day. Some of them are: Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo and Ecosia.

In order to rank high on a Search Engine, you must work on your SEOs. As a webmaster, you most likely know what they are and how relevant they are to any site.

SEOs can help a site rank at the very top of a search and receive new visitors each and every second. However, wrong SEO strategies can lead any site straight into failure, so you must work on them firsthand before going public.

Examine your code, check the design and of course, make sure to search for the best keywords. Working thoroughly on these aspects can skyrocket the rank of your site without any doubts.

2. Make deals with growing brands and affiliates

This second tip is focused on the brands and affiliates that work with you and help you become a successful iGaming affiliate platform.

As an affiliate marketing platform, your job is to promote a particular brand on different spaces and find the way to make new players visit it and engage with it.

However, if you make a deal with an online betting site that does not offer legit bonuses or fair betting alternatives, your chances of succeeding in the industry are quite low.

Players will start blaming you for the scams and your rankings on Search Engines will be lowered every day.

Working on the affiliates registered on your site is equally important. You must make sure that the affiliates are not cheating and lying to the players they refer. Such actions will damage your website’s reputation easily.

3. The software products you use can boost your site’s efficiency 

The iGaming industry is full of useful tools such as software products that can assist you in creating a high-quality affiliate site.

There are software programs for many specific tasks, one of the most important ones is the tracking of the affiliates registered on your site and their respective referrals.

One of the best software products for that is Statsdrone. This particular software allows you to keep track of the most important affiliate programs, bonuses, brands and many more important metrics on real time with no delays and issues at any moment.

The software cost $29 per month, and it also offers a 30-day trial period that gives you enough time to test all of its features and check by yourself if it is want you or not.

4. Focus on a market niche

iGaming platforms can focus their offers on many areas such as sports, casino games and even e-sports. 

As an affiliate marketing platform that is still looking to grow, it is advised to start small and go bigger gradually. The best way to do that is by focusing on a specific market or potential customers.

For example, you can start by targeting the affiliates and the players from a specific region, or simply go for those that are just looking for a site that offers sports bets and nothing else. 

5. Your affiliates matter at all times

You may be the creator of the platform, but the affiliates are definitely the most valuable asset that all affiliate marketing sites have. 

Because of that, you must focus on them at all times and find the way to make them happy so that they can stay on your platform and deliver the results that you need in order to turn your affiliate platform into a complete success.

6. The payments must be made on time every month

Your site must be responsible and punctual with everyone that engages with it. You cannot delay any payments or tasks, doing so will ultimately ruin your site’s reputation.

Keep track of all the investments made and the total revenue that is generated by the affiliates. There are top-notch tools that can help you with that. Some of them are free, while others require you to make a rather small monthly investment.

7. Increase the amount of features that your affiliate website offers

There are plenty of iGaming affiliate sites available nowadays. Thus, you have to stand out and attract new webmasters on a daily basis. The best way to do that is by improving the offers you have available for them.

You can increase the number of commission schemes accessible to them or offer your affiliates unique promotions and bonuses when they achieve certain milestones.

8. Make deals with additional online betting brands

One of the great benefits of having an iGaming affiliate site is that you do not have to promote a single brand. You can sponsor several of them and increase the total revenue of your site.

You can make deals with different betting sites. It is recommended to make deals with sites that have different approaches, such as online casinos and lottery platforms, so your affiliates can allure all kinds of players.

9. The customer service is important as well

The attention provided to your affiliates and their respective referrals is crucial and must not be taken slightly.

It is common for an iGaming affiliate site to experience certain malfunctions now and then, so having customer services representatives that can lighten the mood of the affiliates and the players is a need, undoubtedly.

10. Stay updated with the latest trends in the iGaming industry

The iGaming industry grows and evolves quickly. As an active member of the industry, you must keep track of all the new tricks, trends and regulations that are implemented into it.

Read certified iGaming news and catch up with iGaming experts, so you are never taken by surprise with the new moves that take place within the competitive market that you belong to.

2nd Nov, 2021
Simon Colmenares