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4th Oct, 2021
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It is a search engine where it filters the information from different websites to improve their relevance, this site is distinguished by not storing or collecting any user data.

Due to its search filter and its privacy for users, this place is ideal for Affiliate Programs, since you can find the best partners on the web and everything related to them.

Currently, there is no concrete data regarding Web positioning or better known as SEO because this website is barely being recognized internationally, perhaps in the near future this search engine will tell a different story since it's already starting to be noticed and gain traction amongst players and affiliates alike.

Many SEOs will soon specialize in giving more information about this matter.

Those who wish to expand their options and opportunities for advertising, DuckDuckGo (DDG) provides this opportunity to all of its users. Advertising on this engine represents a great advantage due to the trust of its users, however the user must bear in mind that the niche of people in this search engine is small and very specific, unlike large engines such as Google or Bing.

Although it is once you have heard about Google Ads or Bing Ads, these are tools used to develop online strategies and thus reach an audience in order to generate more sales through these search engines.

In the case of DuckDuckGo, this tool reaches a more specific audience due to its specific type of search, on the other hand, in other search engines they usually appear by "words" or "type of search" that have nothing to do with the topic.

The ads can be found in different places in the search engine, such as:

  • Different web portals.
  • Sites belonging or integrated to the company.
  • Different Apps for mobiles.
  • Emails created in the company.

Advantages of a Web Campaign

To use this advertising tool in any web browser, it is necessary that you know how a Web campaign should work:

First, you must define what type of campaign it is and what will be the keywords or "Keywords" to use in order to define what the campaign to promote is about, any similar or related word will lead the user to find ads and results referring to it.

The ads that will appear in the search engines of the advertised product must try to appear natural, that is, they must be attractive and eye-catching for the customer, it must be taken into account that all the ads are aimed at a specific niche or audience.

If the campaign was a success in the time it was estimated, the level of quality of this will increase, and thus it can be taken into account as an example for future web campaigns.

Using DuckDuckGo to promote online casinos and affiliates has many advantages, below we will show you why:

  • It is easy to access, that is, all users will be able to see it from any device when they connect to the browser.
  • Depending on the amount that the online casino wants to invest, the scope will be, there is no minimum investment and this can be modified several times if desired, but there are advertising ‘’ Packages ’’ that vary by investment.
  • It helps you manage and guide the campaign at no additional cost.
  • It is aimed at a very specific audience, that is, if the user frequents casino websites, these ads will be attractive and effective.

Web Ads in DuckDuckGo

As mentioned above, DuckDuckGo is not a giant in search engine companies, however, publishing ads on this engine helps to reach a very specific audience or niche, causing affiliate program campaigns and casino promotions to be visited by an audience of interest in them and as a result the campaign would achieve its objective.

Affiliate programs fulfil the role of promoting online casinos and thus making known all the promotions, games and tournaments that they offer; These programs also help build the online reputation of casinos.

Generally, online casinos contract with affiliate programs in order to entice new players to join their websites, but for them to join, affiliates must use different tools such as promotional codes, links or web ads dedicated to these sites.

Affiliate programs use Ads to get not only visits, but also new customers to these online gambling houses, if the online casino is already successful using this tool it can further enhance the site.

All affiliate programs that wish to promote themselves must make users aware of the different functions and offers that the casino offers to demonstrate the trust and credibility that the casino has.

Web ads work in different ways in relation to online casino affiliate programs:

  • In pay per click, both the search engine and the affiliate obtain a percentage of profit when they click on the ad.
  • Per view, in this case, a remuneration is given for each view that the advertisement has.
  • By action, if a user clicks and registers on the website or leaves an action performed on said page.

What about Tracking?

It is a very common myth that search engines need to track their users to know what they need and thus be able to generate money on the web, the reality is that when a user types a word the ad will appear according to this.

For example: If the user writes "Online Games" most likely they will get an ad from an online casino, this means that the ad is based on the keyword and not on each individual.

Ads on DuckDuckGo take the form of sponsors via links in search results and are protected to the finest detail by the Microsoft ad network.

Any company or user who wishes to advertise on DuckDuckGo must visit Microsoft Adverting and create an account and thus all the advertisements that they wish to publish will be entered automatically in all its distribution channels, including DuckDuckGo, in case they wish to check the configuration to publish in DuckDuckGo the following must be done:

  • At the moment of logging in, click on campaigns
  • Click on the name of the campaign you want to promote
  • Click on the name of the group you want the campaign to reach
  • Go to the configuration tab
  • Click on ad layout
  • Finally, click on where it says save.

The mechanism of each advertisement works anonymously and no information is saved if the user wishes to register or participate in any of these promoted sites, that is, these are regular organic links with the exception that they promote information of interest to a respective audience.

Carrying out a web campaign is not an easy task because of all the details that must be taken into account, it is always advisable to pay a professional who has experience in setting up web campaigns, that is why, as mentioned above, online casinos pay affiliates to carry out the same and thus achieve the goal.

Final Thoughts

Every day the methods of advertising and web promotions evolve, so it is necessary to continuously read and investigate the news and thus begin to define the strategies to use in them and how to achieve the objective of the campaign to be carried out.

Now that you know the advantages and how the DuckDuckGo ads consist, it is time to ask yourself the question, Is it safe to join an Online Casino in promotion? If your answer was YES, we invite you to be part of the largest casino community of the world.

If you are still not sure or your answer was NO, rest assured you can continue investigating the subject further until you are sure of choosing the correct Casino.

It is always good to research the online casino before registering, see where your gambling license is issued and also see the reputation it has on the web in order to avoid fraudulent casinos or those that pay ads just to scam users.

If you are a lover of advertising or studied a career related to it, you can be part of an affiliate program you can research on the subject and its operation.

What are you waiting for to be part of the world of online gambling?

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4th Oct, 2021
Simon Colmenares