Two new companies raise concerns regarding old scam operators

Two new companies raise concerns regarding old scam operators
15th Dec, 2020
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Red flags are popping up again according to a research article done by as, apparently, properties that previously listed being owned by Game Tech Group, a well known firm that scams vulnerable players with gambling addictions, are appearing to be owned by two new companies, Izzy Gaming BV and Vega World Solutions NV.

Game Tech Group is one with a long list of sites that has blacklisted them for the worsts of operations and bad practices. Previously, brands working under their mantle were caught using fake versions of NetEnt games, down to the predatory terms and conditions that put win restrictions on players.

Research done by the community has brought up some unusual matches on previously owned brands, to some other brands that came years after, and now we have these two new companies suddenly appearing showing the very same signs as before.

From company names like; Equinox Dynamic NV and Alpha Interactive Solutions NV, which were previous companies with the same parent, to additional similarities to the likes of same web design, coding, gaming software used, terms and conditions, and many more characteristics, you then start to notice some connections that perfectly could make some people to lose sleep over this.

In a previous article done by, they stress their conclusions as the following:

“We can say that these three companies are clearly using the same web design teams, are working with the same software provider that is unique to them these three companies, are using the same Live Chat infrastructure, have all constructed their general and bonus terms and conditions documents from the same source material, in one case have almost exactly matching affiliate terms and conditions, and the properties that did not restrict their ownership information show that domains across two of the companies share a single individual as their registrant.

In our opinion it is highly likely that either Alpha Interactive Solutions N.V. and Equinox Dynamic N.V. are owned by the same people that own Game Tech Group N.V. or that they are working in very close partnership with the Game Tech Group N.V. and that being the case, based on the extensive negative history of this group, we would strongly advise both players and affiliates to avoid any interactions with any properties run by these companies.”

All of this along with the copyright infringement issue with NetEnt, makes these platforms and anything associated with them immediately dangerous. All of this info should be shared everywhere to increase awareness to keep the community as clean as possible.

More concerns for the iGaming industry

The news about these two apparently fraudulent companies operating in the iGaming industry does not help the image that the whole community has been trying to change for the past few decades.

Unfortunately, it seems that big companies that dedicate their investments and time to scamming innocent players and affiliates are still up and running in an industry that needs to improve its reputation quickly.

For the past few decades, the iGaming industry has been subject to numerous scandals and scams all over the world, including: money laundering, theft and the use of rigged games and terms that force the players to lose high sums of money.

The large number of illegal actions taken within the iGaming industry has made it impossible for the operators and the affiliates to attract the attention of new players and investors to the industry.

Little by little the honest and hard-working operators, developers, players and affiliates have turned the situation around and many new faces have entered the industry to the point of turning it into one of the most lucrative areas to work on nowadays.

It is quite disappointing to find out that this growing industry is still suffering from the deeds and lies of the criminals looking for easy money. and other platforms working to stop these criminals forever was founded in 2011 by Duncan Garvie. The platform’s full name is “The Player's Online Gambling Guide” and it is dedicated to help the players and affiliates enter the iGaming industry without setbacks and losses.

One of the biggest obstacles for has been battling against the bad reputation that the iGaming industry has had since its early days.

Unfortunately, not a lot of affiliate marketers and casino players believe in the safety of the industry just yet, so platforms such as have had to find the ways and methods to prove such beliefs wrong.

There are other great platforms dedicated to helping the iGaming industry improve such as, and

Despite the fact that these generous and useful sites have done an amazing job in closing down lots of fake betting sites, the vast number of innocent players and the great sums of money that are generated in the industry have motivated the creation of new fraudulent platforms across the whole world.

What the community can do against these evildoers

As an active member of the iGaming community, the best thing to do is support brands and companies such as in identifying and closing down these scammers once and for all.

If you are an operator, affiliate or player, you can spread the news about these fraudulent sites on as many forums and social media platforms as you can. In addition to that, you can send reports to websites like and that dedicate their time to take down these criminals.

Ultimately, if done by the whole community, the number of fake online casinos and other fraudulent betting sites operating will drop gradually and finally disappear from the industry so that it can grow and develop as it has been wished for a long time now.

15th Dec, 2020
Simon Colmenares