Vegas Affiliates acquired by Rewards Affiliates (Casino Rewards)

vegas affiliates acquired casino rewards
21st Aug, 2018
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Rewards Affiliates aka Casino Rewards has acquired yet another online casino group, this time Vegas Affiliates.

The Casino Rewards Affiliates group just continues to get bigger as they acquire the Vegas Affiliates program which includes 7 casinos: Colosseum Casino, Grand Hotel Casino, Luxury Casino, Vegas Joker, Vegas Slot, Vegas Country, Vegas 7 Casino.

According to the Rewards Affiliates newsletter, the migration of the casinos will take effect July 25th, 2011.

The acquisition is recent considering Rewards Affiliates has already acquired Villento Affiliates and PlayShare Partners. Villento Affiliates covered Villento casino and Rich Reels Casino.

PlayShare Partners included Casino Share, Grand Mondial and Quatro Casino.


This means that Casino Rewards now has over 30 online casinos in their portfolio with many of those casinos also have been acquired in the in the past such as Captain Cooks casino, Casino Kingdom, Phoenician Casino,  Music Hall and Casino Action to name a few.


About Rewards Affiliates

With just one signup you can get access to over 30 online casinos to promote where your players become a member of Casino Rewards giving them bonuses and comp points at any of their casinos.

Rewards Affiliates is also one of the few programs to offer a wagering model commission plan and you can also choose revenue share. New affiliates get 50% revenue share in their first month.

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Rewards Affiliates Group makes its name grow by investing on the iGaming industry

Developed and launched in 2005, Rewards Affiliates Group has been one of the biggest subjects in the iGaming industry recently.

With just 6 years into a growing industry, the firm already has invested a large amount of money on the acquisition of various betting platforms that operate across the whole world.

The iGaming industry is still giving its baby steps, not a lot of investors and players are interested in being part of any type of iGaming brand due to multiple factors, the most important one, the high number of scams and frauds that have been committed through these particular brands.

As everyone might know already, gambling as a whole can be quite deceiving in many ways. Therefore, thinking that gambling on a site where your funds are not fully secured can be better is certainly naïve to say the least.

Because of that, the iGaming industry has been struggling to gather the attention it needs to reach its desired level of success and relevance in the world.

Even though the industry has had a rough patch, Rewards Affiliates Group thinks otherwise and has already acquired 30 different online casinos. It can be easily assumed that this firm sees a bright and lucrative future coming for the industry in the near future.

Operating a high number of brands at the same time

Acquiring 30 different betting platforms is surely expensive and difficult to do. However, one of the biggest obstacles for a company that operates such a great number of brands is the productivity issues it can have because of this.

This usually happens because the companies are not able to sustain an optimal level of productivity and efficiency while operating multiple brands. There are too many aspects to think about and work on that, ultimately, the companies are unable to dedicate the necessary time to each one of them.

Once the news of the latest acquisitions by Rewards Affiliates Group came out, this was the biggest concern for the webmasters as well as the players that are part of the brands that Rewards Affiliates Group owns and operates.

Most of them are worried that this high number of brands will make it impossible for Rewards Affiliates Group to focus its energy and time equally on all the platforms and thus, a lot of them will end up closing down or losing relevance in a short period of time.

Rewards Affiliates Group has not addressed the issue publicly, but according to some insiders, the gambling firm is looking for all the methods and ways needed to operate each and every brand properly so that the players and the affiliates do not have to migrate to other brands against their will.

The future of iGaming with Rewards Affiliates Group

Rewards Affiliates Group definitely considers iGaming a lucrative industry that must be taken over from its root before it explodes and everyone wants to be part of it.

The iGaming industry has been the subject of many illegal actions and issues. But, it also counts with lots of fair and professional companies that are working nonstop to make it change its reputation and become a reliable industry in the near future.

Rewards Affiliates Group is one of those trustworthy companies that offers complete professionalism and respect to all the community, providing its bit to the growth and development that iGaming needs at this moment.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright