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21st Aug, 2018
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We interview Leo from LeoLogos.com and ask him questions about logos he likes, hates and his logo design process. Check out his website, his Dribbble profile or Twitter @smart_logos

1. In Twitter style of 140 characters or less, describe your logos

I create smart logo designs, which communicate deeper message through design.

2. How would you compare your logos against many other logo designers and portfolios?

The main difference in my designs is idea. I always focus on conveying the right message through sketching and research. I believe that the right idea will capture business essence and communicates to it’s audience.

3. On fiverr.com there are tons of logos being sold from anywhere from $5 to $20, what do you think of these services?

The price for the logo design in these services like Fiver clearly indicate that the service provider will not put his or her heart into the creative process. Logo design is a calling card for business, so company owners should really think about if they want to base they business on this minimal pass artwork.

fiverr logo

Also, speaking about quality, at the most I have seen mediocre works, but the problem is not the style quality. The main issue is that the artworks offered to clients are stolen. I have seen many top quality logo designs being sold on Fiver including my own.

4. Are you surprised at seeing low quality logos on major websites and does it drive you nuts?

Yes, of course. In the 21h century I am still surprised when big companies, corporations and promising business still do not see the value of branding. On the other hand, I am glad to see that giants like Google after a long time standing traditional branding decided to rebrand and improve their image quality. This is the message I like the most - traditional businesses should not be afraid of changes.

5. Name a few logos that you would want to fix and redesign right now.

I wish to improve not only old fashioned logos but also newly rebranded companies. From the freshly rebranded companies I believe “Animal Planet” and “Craft Foods” could have done a better job. From older companies I have smart ideas for “IMDB” and “Wordpress”.

6. Out of all the logos for these following major gambling brands, which ones do you like and which ones need a new logo?

  • pokerstars.com
  • 888.com
  • 32red.com
  • bodog.eu
  • bet365.com

I see that bet365.com would benefit the most in improving their logo. Their image is consistent, but their logo design does not represent the company fully.

bet365 logo

7. Describe your process of creating logos for clients.

I focus on conveying smart idea, therefore my process start on thorough research and sketching. Only after the idea is set I am confident in translating it into beautiful design. If you are interested, contact me and I will explain the process in a greater detail. If you need a smart logo visit LeoLogos.com

Importance of the logos:

The logo is the first thing that people see in a company, website, corporation etc. It is the first impression and that is why a logo must look professional, good, legit, and powerful.

A great logo will grab everyone's attention and will make your company stand out against the competition.

A good logo backed with the quality of your products or services will make your brand respectable and customers will feel proud to use your logo.

If your logo is well-known, it can attract more customers even without knowing 100% of your products or services.

About Fiverr:

Fiverr is an online website where many freelancer offer their services to big companies or to anyone who is willing to hire them. If you are a freelancer you can offer your services after you register on the website and fill up some forms, after that you can offer your services or see what the companies are looking for.


21st Aug, 2018
John Wright