PointsBet signs up for Betgenius streamings solution

PointsBet signs up for Betgenius streamings solution
9th Oct, 2020
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PointsBet just expanded its partnership with Genius Sports Group for its streaming services. PointsBet sees itself as the first US operator to sign up for such service.

This will allow local players in New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Colorado to view live streams of sporting events via the PointsBet app and website.

PointsBet VP of customer and insights, Ron Shell, commented: “The average US sports bettor currently shows almost a perfect 50/50 split of placing bets prior to the start of competition versus placing bets in-play,”

“Industry experts and the PointsBet team agree that wagering will trend more and more toward in-play as the US market matures – a natural shift given the consistent overlap of US sporting events, as well as the structure of US sports allowing for micro markets like the next ‘at bat’ in baseball or the ‘next drive’ in football.

“While this partnership with Betgenius is just the tip of the iceberg for PointsBet in terms of streaming, it is an important first step toward strengthening our foundation for success as the popularity of in-play wagering increases.”

The games offered through the streaming service are primarily those played at off-peak times, allowing the operator to supply players with content around the clock, such as when major leagues are in their off-seasons.

Genius Sports Group’s senior VP for the US, Bill Anderson, also added: “Offering a unique and differentiated betting experience has allowed PointsBet to grow impressively in the US over the last two years,”

He saw this new take on streaming with its first US customer as “thrilling”.

It builds on the existing partnership between the companies, through which Betgenius delivers in-game trading content to PointsBet.

The new era of gambling is here already

In the past few decades, gambling was based on basic yet entertaining games and sports bets that the players had access to in a determined period of time.

Nowadays, thanks to high number of innovations and new features taken on by the gambling industry, it is possible to bet on many games and sports events on a daily basis.

One of the most important innovations in terms of entertainment has been the streaming services. The players are now able to watch their favorite sports and games from any device of their choice without issues, giving them the chance to bet while the matches are going under way.

In-play bets are becoming more and more popular as the days pass by, so the deal between PoinstBet and Betgenius Sport Group is simply brilliant.

PoinstBet ahead of the competition

PoinstBet has taken a step forward towards the future with this deal. The betting platform is now able to offer live matches to all of its registered players, giving them the opportunity to bet while watching their favorite teams in real time.

This is not the first innovative move made by PoinstBet, the brand did an amazing job entering a demanding and strict market such as the United States without any complications.

So, players are able to place their bets and enjoy a wide selection of betting options on a user-friendly platform that makes everything easy and quick for all of them.

On top of that, PoinstBet has expressed its intention to provide its gambling services on other states in the near future, turning it into one of the most complete and versatile online gambling platforms available nowadays.

The growth of in-play betting

In-play betting allows the players to bet on any match that has already started but has not finished.

Thanks to the possibility of gambling after the match has started, the players can have a clearer idea of what could happen next in the match and have better chances of winning.

In-play betting is a brand-new gambling concept that surged from the idea that it would be more beneficial for the players since they do not have to guess the final outcome of the match days or hours ahead of it.

The introduction of in-play betting has given many players worldwide the chance to improve their winnings possibilities and thus, risk less of their savings on gambling platforms.

The biggest winners through in-play bets

In-play bets are the perfect gambling solutions for those players that love to watch their favorite sports and teams in real time.

They are able to modify their bets and increase their winning chances as the match is under way.

Thanks to the many live streams services available, these players are able to win high sums of money without issues since in-play bets are available throughout the full course of the matches.

9th Oct, 2020
Simon Colmenares