AskGamblers brands a new website look

AskGamblers brands a new website look
5th Oct, 2020
Simon Colmenares Author Profile Photo Simon Colmenares

AskGamblers is one of the best casino websites there is on the internet right now. It's used by many users worldwide to look for the best, unbiased, and thorough reviews of other online casino services.

It also features feedback from other professional players regarding the authenticity of casinos, sportsbooks and other online gambling sites and even affiliate programs and how good their services are overall.

Now, AskGamblers comes with a major redesign on their website brading their motto right in the face of visiting users, “Get the truth. Then play.” says at the top of their homepage.

The new design allows users for fast browsing of the entire portfolio of games, affiliate programs and casinos that they feature. On-screen elements now look slick and cleaner with the improved user-friendly design being used more frequently these days that take away big cramps of information for the users eyes and goes straight to the point as all websites should do.

The Askgamblers Product Owner, Denis Ristic released the following statement: “What we always loved about AskGamblers website is how cheerful and approachable it is. However, we have decided it was time to invest in building an even stronger web presence and, therefore, made a complete redesign of the website. Every page on the website is now clearly highlighted and easily accessed, and we hope our users will enjoy the new look, too.”

From the AskGamblers website: “Starting 2006, AskGamblers has been tirelessly building a bulletproof reputation for bringing you utmost and unparalleled quality with everything we offer, and the same applies to our new website look. While this new design may take some adjusting to (hey, it took us some time, too!), the quality behind it remains the same – tailor-made in a way that will never disappoint you!”

This website is a good source of updated information when you are about to join an online casino, or when you are about to try a new slot game or when about to join a new affiliate program in the case that you are a webmaster. In any of the case we recommend you to check out their reviews and their player reviews which is always a good source of information too since they count with more than 1000 casino reviews, more than 1000 slot reviews and so on.

Besides AskGamblers there are other good websites that provided accurate information like and others that have updated data about old and new casinos, new slots, new affiliate programs and the best current bonuses such as free spins, deposit bonuses, bitcoin bonuses and other promotions, so be sure to check that one too... you will not regret it, however this last website does not count with player reviews for the moment but in the future perhaps they will instead of that they have a blog area in which you can exchange information, ideas, and get updated information and news about the iGaming industry and other related topics and of course the website is mobile friendly.

5th Oct, 2020
Simon Colmenares