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21st Aug, 2018
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Welcome to the 11th edition of our Gaffg KickstartMonday series where where we help to start your week off on the right foot. You can find all of our KickstartMonday series here. In this edition of #KickstartMonday (which is a short one because of BAC2014) we focus on what to do when your website gets copied or cloned. In this article we feature the following: Copied & Cloned

Sometimes being copied is the highest complement you can get as a webmaster. Having your content copied is certainly not cool and it can be just as frustrating to have your website design fully copied or even partially copied, especially if you have paid for a custom design or have made the designs yourself. Some of the top affiliate sites have to deal with these problems and recently have noticed plenty of sites that have copied elements of their site and in some cases look like 100% ripoffs, or as AG says "it is like a tribute to AskGamblers". As we get the bigger list of AskGamblers clones we will list them here but not link to them of course:


gamingtheodds askgamblers clone We won't share the personal details of these webmasters but you would think they would protect their whois data but not always.

Finding clones & copied designs

How can you find clones? Sometimes images are an easy giveaway. If you have special formatting of your images you can just go to google and do an image search and it is an easy way to find out if someone has copied you. Heck the logos we have at Gaffg are copied all the time. There are even search engines that help you find traces of code so in some cases, people are ripping off and cloning the sites making it easier for you to spot them. One site that helps you search for code in search engines is There are websites that offer cloning services which maybe might have an ethical purpose but for the rest, it seems like this might be the popular thing to do. Just make sure your content is not copied along the way too.

Also if you have google chrome you can easly right click on one of the images of your websites and chose search images on the web, that will tell you if other websites are using your picture or you can go to which is a website that will tell you if a particular images or picture is being used on an specific website. You can also try with apps, and other websites just like the previous one, who knows... you may find a lot of copy cats or fan pages?

In that same way, checking the competition is always important to see what are they doing and to check if they are stealing your ideas, images, contents or anything you can start taking actions, and why not? If you see that they have an idea, and you can do better than them go for it, however, you should never copy images or copy and paste any text on the web since it can lead to lawsuits or worse... your website may be branded as fake or pirate.

Nevertheless, a good competition is always healthy, and it is the base for innovation and development which translates into better services and better products, no matter what you do for living if you want to have success you have to check your competition to see what are they doing and what are they offering to always offer something better than them.

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21st Aug, 2018
John Wright