BetUS affiliate program relaunched as RevMasters

betus affiliate program is now RevMasters by MyAffiliates
31st Aug, 2020
Simon Colmenares Author Profile Photo Simon Colmenares

BetUS was one of the biggest players when it came to online sportsbetting in the whole US.

Founded in 1994, it served as one of the primary hubs for betting and sports fans altogether amassing huge crowds of millions of betting customers. Since then, it became a recognizable brand in the iGaming business.

However. It turns out all was not going well with it.

Suddenly, every operation within its grasp stopped and left a lot of its users scratching their heads as to what could be going on behind the scenes.

They suddenly stopped sending reports to affiliates, new sign ups were called off, and the affiliate program was closed shortly after in 2011.

Many thought that the service was done for, however, after 9 years, things seem to be starting up again.

This time a rebranding is what happens to be going on. A different platform that goes by the name of Revmasters seems to be introducing all that BetUs was and could be yet.

On their website, RevMasters shows BetUs amongst their represented brands and if that wasn’t all there could be to it users from web forums such as, which is the Gaming Portal Webmasters Association, are reporting that they are being reached out again through emails.

Could this mean a resurgence? Is the service going to go as if nothing happened?

We’ll stay on the lookout to see how things evolve. RevMasters affiliate program is using MyAffiliates software. 

It would not be a surprise if indeed RevMasters ends up being the good old BetUS that many players and affiliates have been missing for so many years. The site left many positive impressions on the gamblers within the American territory. 

For many of the registered users, the site represented fair opportunities to earn extra income and have lots of fun at the same time. Plenty of webmasters also expressed how BetUS allowed them to monetize the traffic of their sites without making much of an effort.

Certainly, BetUS left a prominent mark on the online gambling history within the United States of America, so it would be thrilling and exciting news for every webmaster and player in the country to have it available again.

Before closing down, BetUS offered the users the chance to bet on sports events, poker, races and also the possibility to bet on casino games. The new site that has been relaunched is RevMasters, it is still unknown what specific brand or brands will this affiliate program promote.

 So it is impossible to know if the new brand will offer the same betting options to the players. Nonetheless, it is clear that RevMasters  is an affiliate program with lots of potential and earning possibilities for the webmasters within the United States of America.

Whether RevMasters  is the old BetUS Partners or not, it really does not matter all that much considering the fact that many betting sites and affiliate programs have ceased operations within the United States of America in the last few years. 

The launching news about this affiliate program surely has cheered up many webmasters across the American borders. Every new site that starts working within the United States is a complete win for the gamblers in this nation.

Another positive aspect about the release of RevMasters is the fact that it is launched at a difficult time for gambling sites within the United States of America. The reason of this is the strict new laws that have been stated by the authorities regarding online gambling. 

Many of these laws and rules have left betting sites and affiliate programs with no choice but to shut down its operations within the country. 

BetUS and BetUS Partners never made public the real reasons for its sudden closing, but many users and connoisseurs have been suggesting that it was due to certain new regulations imposed by the gambling authorities back in the day.

Whatever the reasons were, it does not matter now. The players and affiliate programs are only thinking about the new possibilities that have just opened up with the launching of RevMasters. The site will allow its users to monetize the traffic of their sites.

 They will be able to do it following a standard commission structure or through a more flexible and customizable plan that gives them the opportunity to earn money in a comfortable way each and every month.

Additionally, with the announcement that RevMasters will be using the MyAffiliates software, the webmasters can surely expect to have access to a wide variety of marketing material. 

This specific software is known for its prolific tools that are able to make players feel engaged with the ads in a matter of seconds easily. MyAffiliates is also recognized for its round-the-clock platform that is always available for the users.

They have the chance of contacting customer service agents or make use of extra tools to improve their performance and increase the amount of money they earn on commissions. 

Overall, MyAffiliates is a state-of-the-art software that certainly sets the bar real high. The expectations for RevMasters are simply mind-blowing, the site is set to be a total success from the get-go.

31st Aug, 2020
Simon Colmenares