Betcris now the Principal Sponsor of 2020 Major Baseball Championship

Betcris now the Principal Sponsor of 2020 Major Baseball Championship
29th Oct, 2020
Simon Colmenares Author Profile Photo Simon Colmenares

Fedebeis, the Panama Baseball Federation, has chosen Betcris to be the main sponsor of the 2020 National Championship for the second consecutive year.

Betcris, the leading sports betting operator in Latin America, signed a series of important sponsorships last year, including with the Brazilian Championship, the country’s main football league, and with the Mexican soccer team.

The last partner to be included in the list was Fedebeis, from Panama.

Through the agreement, the brand will be present in the stadiums and will appear on advertising banners. Betcris will also have proprietary rights to Fedebeis, including the use of the organization’s logo, team names and players.

In addition, the official app includes a digital banner provided by the sports games operator and will offer exposure in live streams on the YouTube channel and Facebook Live. Betcris will be allowed to include 30-second advertisements during matches and will have insertions on other social media channels.

Fedebeis marketing and communication manager, Max Estrada, commented the following, “Betcris’ arrival in the Panamanian baseball family gave a great boost to the sport, to the athletes and, above all, to the hundreds of thousands of fans that accompany each season. We are honored to have the support of Betcris, who for the second consecutive year joins this championship ”

Betcris has been dedicated to expanding its brand awareness through the establishment of relationships throughout Latin America. In addition to the sponsorship agreements it has developed in Brazil and Mexico, it is also the official gambling partner of the Canadian Elite Basketball League, the official wagering partner of Major League Baseball in Latin America and the official betting partner of the National Football League in Latin America.

Betcris has become the most reliable betting site for the players in all of Latin America. The site did what seemed impossible when it became a secure online betting site with a high number of gambling options available to the players in this specific continent. Before the arrival of Betcris, the players were used to online platforms that were simply not trustworthy in one or multiple aspects. This is due to the lack of experience and expertise that existed about the online gambling industry in Latin America.

Betcris managed to find the best ways to negotiate and make deals with the most reputable game makers and payment methods that can be available nowadays on an online casino and sportsbook. Not to mention that fact that Betcris counts with a well-designed website where each and every player is able to access the games, sports events and offers available in a matter of seconds only.

Even though Betcris focuses on offering gambling possibilities to the players in Latin America, the site can be displayed in additional languages such as Chinese Mandarin. This interesting fact is a great addition to all the Chinese communities that are part of the Latin American countries. Once the player switches to a different language, each and every word on the site is switched, including the legal terms and policies.

Apart from the compelling partnerships that Betcris has made with multiple sports institutions, this famous betting site has partnered up with additional game developers as well. The purpose of this type of partnerships is simply extending the gambling options available to the players. Betcris was founded in 1985, offering just a couple of sports events to bet on without providing enough credibility and safety to the players. 

As time has passed by, this incredible resilient betting platform has grown into becoming the powerhouse and first choice for each and every person that desires to have some fun and also have the possibility of earning some extra money from any place in Latin America. From the icy Canadian frontiers to the amazing and breathtaking borders in the exotic corners of Uruguay, Brazil and the rest of the South American countries that were desperate in need of a reliable betting site that offered more than just a couple of sports events are able to join Betcris for free as of this moment. Nowadays, thanks to the partnerships made with several game developers, Betcris has sports competitions, casino games, virtual games, 3D games and many more available to players.

Now, with the establishment of the partnership between Betcris and Fedebeis, the Panamanian community of online gamblers is able to witness how this betting site is increasing its commitment with this nation and all the users that are part of the site while residing in this Central American country. In addition to that, the inclusion of the Betcris name on several TV spaces will allow the site to grow its popularity and relevance in Panama, turning it into the number one choice for the Panamanians at the moment of looking for a site where they can have some fun and have the chance of earning some extra money at the same time.


29th Oct, 2020
Simon Colmenares