BetUS Partners closes affiliate program

betus partners closes affiliate program
21st Aug, 2018
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BetUS Partners announce they are closing their affiliate program effective immediately. Their email newsletter today confirms the news and also mentions their partner website will go offline with no more reporting available.

BetUS was once considered a big player in the online sportsbetting business that focused on US players.

In a series of events in the past few months, the affiliate program BetUS Partners has removed the reporting features to affiliates, has stopped accepting American players and today has announced that they are closing the affiliate program completely.

In the newsletter from Erin Argue and Kat Chaves, it states that players previously referred will still generate commissions but none of this information will be visible to affiliates.

Since the BetUS Partners site will be taken offline, marketing materials and reporting will no longer be available.

Please don't hesitate to contact us directly should you need to update your profile or payment instructions.

From the newsletter:

"Since the BetUS Partners site will be taken offline, marketing materials and reporting will no longer be available.

Please don't hesitate to contact us directly should you need to update your profile or payment instructions."

Recommended Sportsbook Affiliate Programs

If you have promoted BetUS in the past you might want to ensure that you are no longer sending them traffic as you will not get any credit or commissions from these players.

It is highly recommended that you update your links and banners and replace BetUS with another online sportsbook.

You can review our directory of sportsbook affiliate programs below.

sportsbook affiliate programs

In recent years, it has been noticed how many affiliate programs and betting sites that focused their operations on the United States territory have been shutting down their operations.

Some of them decide to move to other countries, while others simply make the harsh decision of closing down forever. The main reason of this ceasing of operations is the fact that United States has been tightening up its rules and laws for gambling, more specifically, online gambling.

This country has considered online gambling fraudulent, fake and a total loss for its citizen, so it does not allow many gambling sites to work within its borders.

Certainly, there are some powerful and fortunate sites that have passed the barriers and obstacles imposed by the authorities and have been able to offer gambling services to the players in the United States. However, they are not free to do it the way they would like it, since most of those sites can operate in specific states only.

The state that has allowed the use of online gambling sites the most in the United States is New Jersey. This state in particular has the most flexible laws when it comes to online gambling, allowing them to offer betting options to each and every citizen within it.

Sadly, the players in the United States will not be able to enjoy the many betting options that BetUS and BetUS Partners had available to them. It is possible that the site returns after some years of absence, but it is all uncertain. Nevertheless, do not get disappointed too quickly.

There are some other gambling sites and affiliate programs available to the American citizens. Many of them offer you the chance to bet on sports events and races plus the possibility of enjoying and earning extra money playing some entertaining casino games.

You may go ahead and take your time to review each and every gambling site that offers operations within the United States of America. It is recommended to take some important facts into account before deciding to join any of them. Some of them are:

  1. Search for a gambling license.

Considering how these sites can be easily closed down in this country, it is crucial, in all ways, that you make sure that it has a gambling license that is completely authentic. Apart from the fact that it allows you to make transfers safely and confidently, it lets you know that the site will not be shut down abruptly at any given second of the day.

  1. Check the payment methods.

The banking services within the United States are also entitled to block your transactions in case they consider them fraudulent in any way. As it was mentioned previously, most of the gambling sites are labeled as “fraudulent” within the country, meaning it is possible that some banking entities decide not to process your deposits or any type of transaction when it comes to these sites.

So, make sure to check that the gambling site you want to join offers you the chance to make transactions through your preferred payment method, and also check if that particular payment method will not cause you any trouble or stress at the moment of requesting a transfer with that gambling site.

  1. Make sure that the affiliate program is reliable.

This specific fact goes for those users that are looking to join an affiliate program. It is extremely important that you double-check if that affiliate program you want to join is certified. Some of them are given licenses while there are others that can boast any other type of certifications and credentials.

Look for any of them, you may also search for reviews and experiences from other users to prevent some unexpected issues and surprises after joining the affiliate program.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright