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21st Aug, 2018
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This article is a short guide to binary options and written by Lee More of

Binary options affiliation is fast becoming one of the most profitable ways to flip traffic over to an operator.

With CPAs that can stretch as high as $400, it’s no wonder. But many affiliates who have tried forex and other financial products are wary of entering the binary options field.

The main reason is conversion.

Whether you are in retail or in gaming, conversion is generally an instant deal.

The issue of conversion is generally possible to track in the raw numbers, and many found that conversion in financial products like forex was simply a nightmare. It can take 3-6 weeks to convert a trader into forex.

And then the CPA is just around $300-400.

Binary options traders convert very quickly, and their behavior online is more in line with what gaming affiliates have gotten used to.

Make the ads smart enough to lead to a great landing page.

Landing pages need to be informative yet engaging enough to reel them in. Keep things simple and professional and traders come.

The most successful affiliates in binary options come in 4 forms at the moment:

  • The professional blogger/portal
  • The Make Money Fast video/portal
  • The media deal flipper
  • Trading Signals and other services

Professional web sites that cater to binary options traders are generally news portals with reviews.

The site reviews other brokers, gives an “honest” opinion and also aggregates other publishers’ news or creates some original content.

Content of interest for this type of site would include: Broker Reviews, Market news, options strategies, scam or complaint forums, and news videos.

The Make Money Fast route is not new.

Many are trying this via building cheap and quick sites and using SEO to get them on top of long tail phrases involved with binary options. Many of the traders entering this market are in fact looking for a quick fix approach to making money.

There are loads of these sites popping up with videos claiming to know how to make money. These sites offer the video as paid content and then require the customer to sign up to a binary options brokerage.

The media deal flipper are just the usual SEMs who know how to get traffic out slightly cheaper than the rest.

Some are just sitting on good financial related traffic with nothing to really do with it as sending it to forex is sometimes just to annoying and time-consuming.

Trading Signals and other ancillary services are fast becoming the most lucrative gateway for traders to enter this market.

Traders are information hungry and more importantly they are looking for the quick fix.

Trading signals are easily generated.

A good programmer with some math skills and access to some financial data could easily create a site devoted to trading signals.

Then, to create conversions, these sites offer a teaser and the rest of the content is then premium.

The smart affiliates reel the client in with 2 conjoined business models; “either they pay for the signals and trade at broker X” OR “they pay for the signals and trade with the promoted broker I get a CPA with”

There are lots of other ways and probably the most overlooked method is flipping gaming traffic over to binary options.

Obviously this isn’t one of the most wanted approaches.

But we all have dead email lists, traffic not converting as well as it might with a new product, or just a hankering for a change.

Whatever reason you choose to get into binary options, just be sure to be rigorous in your pursuit of a solid operator.

There are already over 100 of them online and they all look the same. Just because lots are advertising one broker or another does not mean that they are the ones for you.


WhyOptions is a binary options website that provides information for traders.

They are a trusted affiliate listed in Gaffg and you can read more about their profile here:


21st Aug, 2018
John Wright