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bitcoin lottery affiliate programs
30th Sep, 2018
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Bitcoin is all the rage these days as it seems like many new online casinos take Bitcoin leading to the rise of Bitcoin casino affiliate programs. Online lotteries are still in their infancy and it is the last frontier of online gambling which has taken the longest time to mature for a segment of the gambling industry. Our online lottery affiliate programs directory has been steadily growing the past year and there has been a recent spike in a new type of lottery which is focused on Bitcoin for payments and blockchain technology for how the programs are managed. Now there are a few Bitcoin lotteries on the scene and although the industry hasn’t been taken by storm on these new lotteries, it will probably be slow organic growth that will allow these lottos to take off. Of course if Bitcoin ever goes on another crazy bull run like in December 2017 then maybe more players might block to this Bitcoin stuff.

BitPlay Club Lottery

bitplay bitcoin lottery

Now we have lotteries that are completely focused on Bitcoin where that is the main method of payment and the prizes are won in Bitcoin, not in money. One of those new lotteries is called and at the time of writing have lotteries that are 1.15 BTC and 8.63 BTC or Bitcoin. These draws seem to happen every few days and they call it a provably fair lottery which uses the provably fair algorithm where users can learn more about the randomness of their draws on their Check Fair Play page. Bitplay Club lottery lists their entire draw histories and winnings on their site which dates back to March 11th, 2018.

bitplay blocks

Trueflip Lottery lottery

Another recently launched Bitcoin lottery is Trueflip which has temporarily shut down their affiliate program for upgrades. Trueflip even has some of their code published on Github which includes their prizecounter, trueflip contracts and their token holder which you can view at Trueflip has a few names for their lottery games like Rapid to the Moon, Chain’s Code and Pirate Bay. Trueflip takes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Dash for cryptocurrencies.

Lottoland, the world’s first Bitcoin lottery

lottoland lottery

In December 2017, Lottoland announced their Bitcoin Lotto claiming to be the world’s first. At the time of launch they announced a prize of 1000 Bitcoin for a prize. At the time of writing, their lottery was worth 2370 Bitcoin which happens to be worth $15 million USD.

Online lotteries are already popular with with sites like Lottoland leading the way in popularity. Lottoland doesn’t overly promote their Bitcoin lottery on their site but it is there if you search for it.

Where to find Lottery Affiliate Programs

Just look inside our lottery affiliate program directory and we are constantly adding new lottery affiliate programs all the time. For affiliates looking to get into the online gambling space, online lotteries are the last frontier where there is still a chance for sites to compete and become an established webmaster. If you are looking for bitcoin casino affiliate programs we have a blog post just for that too.

If you simply want to have access to a quick sneak peek of some of the most interesting and beneficial affiliate programs that you can be part of, here are some of them. The following sites are all affiliate programs that focus on sponsoring lottery draws.


This affiliate program allows the users to earn money on commissions through 3 different structures. You can follow the standard commission structure, request a CPA deal, or even have a hybrid plan active on your account. Moreover, the registration procedure can be done in a matter of minutes only. The account managers usually review and accept applications within 24 hours.

Some of the websites that this affiliate program promotes are:,, and

The lottery draws sponsored on Lottarewards are available in more than 100 different territories.

The lottery office

When it comes to the affiliate program, it offers up to 4 different commission structures to the webmasters. Most of them are optional, you just have to go ahead and contact an account manager to receive detailed information about the structure you are interested in and how to start receiving commissions following that specific structure.

This affiliate program has more than 16 years of experience in the online gambling industry, so if you choose to be part of it, you would be entering a community of experts that would do their best to help you grow as a webmaster.


This affiliate programs offers you a standard commission structure with decent rates and the possibility of having a CPA plan active on your account. Lottoelite sponsors Wintrillions, which is a very famous betting site within the Latin America nations. You may join this affiliate program for free. It counts with a wide variety of marketing tools as well as account managers that will be available to assist you at any given moment.


This is a fast-growing affiliate program that already counts with more than 100,000 active members. The lottery draws sponsored by 24monetize focus on the African territory. The draws are completely secure, and the players are able to earn high amounts of money on a daily basis.


With the chance of earning commissions through the standard commission structure or a CPA plan, Thelotter is a prolific affiliate program that has been working nonstop since February of 2002. The site is certified and all the payments are processed at the beginning of each month without any delays.


The affiliates that are part of Lottoland can earn from 25% up to 35% on revenue shares per month. Additionally, you can request to have a cost per acquisition plan that may help you increase your monthly earnings. Some of the territories that the Lottoland brands focus on are: Germany, Austria, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Brazil, India, Japan, South Africa and Hungary.


Multilotto allows you to earn extra money following a standard commission structure, CPA plan or Hybrid deal. Some of the brands that this affiliate program sponsors are: Powerball, Mega Million, EuroMillions and Eurojackpot.

Lottery Partner

Lottery Partner is the ideal affiliate program for all of those webmasters that love having the possibilities of choosing from a wide number of commission structures. This affiliate program has more than 4 of them available to the webmasters.

The official brand of Lottery Partner is Lotto Agent, which is an international concierge service for the acquisition of lottery tickets on users’ behalf. There is nothing to worry about, the site is certified with many years in the industry. If you bought ticket turns out to be the winning one, all the earnings will go straight to your designated payment method.

30th Sep, 2018
John Wright