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1st Oct, 2020
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Yet another brand associated with Merkur is closing down and ceasing services to it’s customers. is owned by Merkur Interactive Malta p.l.c. and operated under the licence of Merkur Interactive Malta p.l.c., a limited company incorporated in Malta and is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

Following the closure of Merkur Magic in Spain, Merkur Partners continue closing their brands one by one.

Some users aer reporting across forums that they’ve recently received emails regarding the closure.

It goes as follows: “Dear Affiliate. Today we need to inform you that cashino online will stop operating on october 29th. Registrations will no longer be possible on as of today, September 29th. Existing customers can continue playing until October 20th.

Please note all banners and links will be deactivated with immediate effect.

Affiliate invoices will continue to be paid as usual with the final invoice being for October. Please ensure to submit your final invoice within 14 days of notification.

We thank you for the cooperation during the past years.”

It seems that even though their closing comes unexpectedly as much as how surprising the situation is, they’ll still honor payments to players even after they announced their cease of operations.

It certainly is a tough time for those platforms that can’t compete with the top dogs of the industry.

There’s currently a notice in’s website when trying to open up an account that states that no further registrations can be processed:

“Thanks for your interest! But unfortunately, will soon be closing to UK customers. This means that we’re not accepting any new players on our site.” goes the notice.

As it was mentioned before, Merkur Interactive Malta p.l.c also closes its subsidiary that was based in Spain. After all of these online casinos closing down, many players started speculating about the possible reasons of why this has happened.

They believe that this surprising decision is connected to the economic downturn that Spain has seen in recent months. The actual global scenario may have had a significant influence on the amount of concurrent players that the platform had seen, so much so that the platform's proprietors were unable to sustain it any longer.

Despite the sudden shutdown, lots of players have pronounced their hope, thinking that the platforms owned by Merkur Interactive Malta will reopen in the near future regardless of the real reasons behind them closing down in the first place.

In the last two years, the iGaming has certainly gotten more popular and lucrative due to the extraordinary situation that the world has been going through. But, even though the overall range of players available has increased, it does not mean that all the online casinos that exist will have plenty of new players registering on a regular basis.

Sadly, most new players prefer to invest on betting sites that have been opened for quite some time. It gives them a feeling of comfort and trust that allows them to make any investment without any anxiety.

It is obvious to think that, considering that they would be using their real money and not some virtually generated fake coins that are worth nothing. Therefore, new brands and companies have to struggle against the lack of trust that the players usually have.

Reasons why new betting sites have lower chances of succeeding:


Just like it was mentioned previously, relevance and reputation is everything for a betting site. The players will not want to deposit their money on a platform that they consider unreliable with high chances of fraud.

Most new players prefer taking the risk of registering on highly reputable betting sites that have collected more than thousands of players over the years.

Some of them are aware that the most popular betting sites charge the highest fees, but they choose to pay them instead of taking the risk of losing all of their funds on an unknown platform.

Economic resources

This is one of the biggest obstacles for the new betting sites, without any doubts. That is because due to all the investments on the licenses, game providers and the platform itself, these new sites are left with less than no money to invest on marketing and increase the number of players registered on their sites.

In addition to that, since these sites do not have a constant number of players depositing and investing on them, they are unable to collect earnings and improve their platforms to allure new players more easily.

Lack of betting options

Many new betting sites open with the hope that new players will find it and will start investing their real money without a second thought. However, these sites do not invest the proper amount of money on the betting options available to the players, and they end up offering a low number of games or sports events to bet on.

The lack of multiple betting options makes the players feel bored and uninterested easily, so they ultimately make the decision of leaving the betting platform permanently.

Lack of an enticing betting platform

Another reason why many new betting sites seem dull to the players is the absence of an interesting and compelling platform that makes them feel engaged with it. Many times, these sites do not offer a good combination of features, animations and overall design so the players do not think of the platform as worth signing up on.


1st Oct, 2020
Simon Colmenares