How to create a profitable live casino niche affiliate website

live casino niche
21st Aug, 2018
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live casino niche

In this article we talk about some of the ways you can create a profitable live casino niche website and how you can apply these tips and tricks to other untapped niches and be profitable.

Want to create your own casino affiliate website? Great! That gets us started on our first affiliate tip:

Affiliate Tip #1: Pick a niche and find a topic that has less competition

There are many dedicated websites that focus on live dealers and live casinos, however there are far more that focus on a more generic online casino topics which cover every aspect of online casinos. Starting off this route is really a bad idea because you are competing against companies that have years of experience, monthly budgets that would make your jaw drop and large teams of full time professionals that are experienced and work really hard. Do you really want to compete with the likes of Catena Media? Just look at their office and you’ll say the answer is definitely no.

catena media office malta

Looking at as a case study we can see they have wrapped their site around the whole live casino concept. They have simply taken things to the next level with a site dedicated to live dealer casinos with that as their core focus. By focusing on this niche within online casinos, they can spend their efforts making the best content that resonates with players that enjoy playing live dealer games.

If you want to find a niche within a niche, a few ideas for live dealers could be a specific game like roulette or perhaps live dealer casino bonuses or country focused like in Canada or the United Kingdom.

Affiliate Tip #2: Less is more

Now I don’t want to say less content is more, this is definitely not something to do but the less is more concept is really reinforcing the niche where most new affiliates dream big and want the largest site when chasing a niche means they have a bigger chance of success at the smaller piece of the pie. If you still think the live dealer niche is too saturated then find an alternative niche or just dig even deeper and try to find a niche within the live dealer topic.

Affiliate Tip #3: Know your product, Know your customer

If you are an affiliate that has no interest in the topic you are writing about, you might as well just stop what you are doing and move on. If you have no interest in your topic then how are you expected to know your product and know your customer? This is where a site like does their homework because they have tried and tested all the games including trying out all the casinos and this makes them more of an expert authority to write about the topic. This leads us to the next tip

Affiliate Tip #4: Answer all your own questions

learn live dealer games

If you are planning to write about live dealers but don’t have any experience then you need to answer your own questions, which will then help your website visitors. These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Which casinos are safe to play at?
  • Will I get paid and how?
  • Are the games rigged at all?
  • Where are these live dealers located?
  • Where can I find all the game strategies?

By going through all of these questions, you’ll give yourself a chance to answer them and by doing it as content on your website. All of these questions should be answered by any site that focuses on live dealer content.

Affiliate Tip #5: Be a content machine

Think 500 words of content is good enough? It probably isn’t anymore but if you think about trying to do 1000 or 2000 words, you’ll realize you need to find a way to write about more content and that usually takes effort. It’s not to say that 2000 words articles are going to help you rank and convert your users but the drive should be focused on giving value to the users. This also includes having updated content and producing new content. If you think you can make a website with a single landing page or just 10 static pages then you might as well give up right now.

Live Casino Affiliate Programs

Most online casinos these days have live dealer games and there are many white label casinos that don’t have these. So for the most part, most casino affiliate programs will have online casinos that have live dealer games with maybe an exception of a few slots focused casinos that don’t cover table games. You can search through our directory of affiliate programs or contact us if you have questions or need recommendations on any affiliate programs to join. Visit our casino affiliate programs page to find a list of affiliate programs by revenue share and CPA

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright